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14 - Guinea Pig Cages

Just a cage we made for the pigs. I am still going to hang a skirt up to cover the table it's sitting on.
great cage- may I ask how did you do the ramp and top half and do you think since it has a top level it can handle three piggies, I have two right now but I like to get one more cavy, and with that type of cage it should be to handle three piggies right
Great cage. I would take it out one more grid for 3 pigs though, especially if they are boys. You have to consider the fact that not all pigs will use a second level. At least mine don't anyway hahaha.
So cool, the base is almost exactly what I was thinking of, but I'm going to put mine on an old table. Cats like the piggies on the floor too much

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