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joanne dupuis

100_0023 - Guinea Pig Cages

LOVE the new cage. What a great idea. We have a small top level for the girls but they haven't been brave enough to venture into the tubing yet. Wonder how long this has taken other?
The tubing looks to close to the wall so they cant fit up.

What is the grids on top for? A rail?
Macayle- The grids on top are the lifted up lid.

Joanne- are you sure the tube is stable enough? The pigs may be afraid to use it because it's wobley. Some dowel poles along the side *may* help stabilize it.

Also try putting some veggies along the inside and on the second level. Or put the pigs on the second level and the veggies at the bottom of the ramp to encourage them to try it out.
Don't put vegetables inside unless you check for them if they've eaten them every 6 hours or so. If they havn't, take it out or it will rot.

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