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0062 - Guinea Pig Cages

These are my babies. Tinker and Sophia. As you can see, we have had to seperate them. Tinker is a male and Sophie is a female. We didn't know this when we got them. They came to live with us through a friend of a friend who accidentaly had babies. I think probably for the same reason we ended up
Just to warn you they can get through those grids. It doesn't seem like it but when mine were babies they went through them all the time.
They are both so tiny and cute!!!!!
I love them!
*Maybe you'd like to neuter Tinker?
lol, yes, we have figured thaqt out....tinker can't get through because he is bigger than her....but, we have been finding her in his side in the morning...which scared the begebus out of me...all i could think, was oh geez what would have happened if she had gotten stuck over night, and no one was there to help her......Luckily she has gotten bigger and no longer even tries to get through......Oh and buttuns....I'm going to get Tinker neutered as soon as he is old enough and weighs enough...right now they don't even weigh a lb.....Thanks guys!
They are so cute!!! That is funny that they can fit through the grids. I cannot even imagine. Oy!

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