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Free Range

Better than Cages! Free Range is Great

Cages are cages, no matter how good, no matter how big. If you can dedicate a room or two or three, or even part of a large room to your guinea pigs, they will be happier than being in a cage!

Each album is a set of photos of a free range environment. You can also get some additional ideas for floor time from these photos, even if you must use a cage.

 Free Range Image Albums

Kirstin's Free Range Album
She has an upstairs loft dedicated to her piggies. It is awesome!
Joyce's Free Range Album
Joyce had an entire large room (and patio) dedicated to her special piggies.
dawnda1.jpg (40090 bytes)Dawnda's Cage to Free Range Album
Dawnda has a few awesome photos in this album on her evolution from cage to free range. Some great ideas.
Lynx's Free Range Album
Lynx has a huge 400 square foot space allocated to her pigsters. She also has a web page which talks about the history of their environment and explains the photos in detail.
Snaggletooth's Free Range Album
They have some stairs and a stair landing in their free range environment--lots of exercise for these piggies.
Bouba and Company's Free Range Album
And some cute piggie photos!
Miscellaneous Free Range Album
Not enough for a full album, but worth a look!