Looking for a new home for Marla (left) and Bailey (right). I have only had them for a little over a month and right after I got them, my boyfriend proposed and now a lot of my time has gone to wedding planning. I just don't feel like this is the right time for me to be able to give them the attention they deserve. They are both friendly and talkative, but skittish about being picked up--which is something I'm sure will change when someone who has more time to handle them is taking care of them. I'm selling the guineas and their cage/accessories but I love these girls very much and just want to find them a good home!

Both girls are about 4 months old. I'd like about 50 dollars for both of the girls and their big C&C cage I built for them, but that price is really just to scare off the people who might want them for breeding or feeding. Prove to me you are experienced with guinea pigs and can give them all the love they deserve and that price will probably be negotiable.

Here's some pictures of them and their big cage, plus some accessories I'm looking to get rid of:

(Above is their cage before I added in the "kitchen" area.)

(Outdoor playpen I'm looking to get rid of. Worked well for me because I'm in an apartment complex.)

(Trying to sell this little cage. Not really ideal for any larger pets, multiple pigs or anything like that. Mostly just used as a back up but might be a good home for just one pig while you're on vacation or something like that)