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Thread: Buddy Bath check list!

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    Buddy Bath check list!

    So as some of you already know I am looking to expand my cages an get woody a new friend! Just want to make sure when I find the right pig I am all ready to get them introduced an sorted!
    I've heard people talk about buddy baths to help pigs bond - is it best to let them meet in a neutral place then try a bath or just let them meet during the bath? Xx

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    Re: Buddy Bath check list!

    I don't know if it'll work because I haven't tried it yet, but I'm bringing home my two new boys, wrapped up in a towel that has my original pigs scent. I'm hoping they will end up smelling like him and he won't be grumpy.

    I'll probably try a neutral area first and if that doesn't work buddy bath

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    Re: Buddy Bath check list!

    I think a buddy bath is generally considered the last resort. But I doubt the world will end if you do it the other way round.

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    Re: Buddy Bath check list!

    I agree with [MENTION=13820]bpatters[/MENTION]. A buddy bath generally isn't used as an introduction tool. It's used as a last resort if they have been living together and are still not getting along. You have to give introductions a chance. Let them sort it out. If the cage is large enough, there are enough hideys with multiple exits and they still aren't getting along after a month or so, THEN maybe a buddy bath but there's no reason to jump right to the bath.



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