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Thread: Unsweetened Vegan Coffee Creamer Alternatives?

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    Unsweetened Vegan Coffee Creamer Alternatives?

    I'm doing well on my slow but sure journey to vegetarianism. I'm not going vegan, but I did stop buying milk for the past year, and I use unsweetened almond milk for everything. I enjoy rice and coconut milk ice cream, too. However, I'm still buying half and half for my coffee because almond milk doesn't cut it and all the vegan creamers I've found are sweetened. I can't stand anything sweet in my coffee! I'd appreciate any suggestions if anyone knows of an unsweetened coffee creamer product. I keep checking the store, and nada.

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    Re: Unsweetened Vegan Coffee Creamer Alternatives?

    Hmmm... have you tried coconut milk? I know.its weird, but im opposite, i LOVE sugar coffee, but i liked the mild coconut taste maybe thatll help?



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