I'm not sure where to post this, but it's about guinea pigs health so hopefully this is the right spot. I had rabbits growing up, and then came to guinea pigs as an adult. I do not have rabbits at this time, but I do have 3 guinea pigs. I do know that rabbits and guinea pigs can not be housed together. But, what I am wondering is about the housing arrangement people who have both use. I know that rabbits can carry respiratory diseases that can hit guinea pigs very hard. Do you have a strict contamination prevention routine between interaction with each species? I'm debating adopting a rabbit in the future, and I was hoping to have a free roaming one. But, at the same time I do not want to risk the health of my guinea pigs. I would rather adopt another guinea pig than rabbit if that is the case. The only reason I was contemplating a rabbit is the rescue I was going to get another guinea pig from always has probably 15-20 rabbits available and they always seem to be the same ones. I feel bad for them. Whereas the guinea pigs seem to find homes faster.

I should add that this will not be occurring for at least a few months (if not longer). This will only occur (a rabbit adoption/guinea pig adoption), if I end up moving in with my boyfriend. He bought a house that has some radon issues, and I refuse to move in until the radon is under control. But, he is working with professionals to fix the problem and they seem confident we can get the levels to a safe level for me and my animals. We are also installing alarms that will go off (similar to CO2 detectors) if the radon level begins to rise. I won't make any moves until I know for sure the levels have been safely maintained for at least several months. I am just trying to decide what options are available to me so I can start doing research on rabbits and talking with my guinea pig vet about her comfort level with them (just in case I need to find someone else to be a rabbit vet). Also, I would need to start figuring out a game plan regarding a housing arrangement.