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Thread: Newspaper?

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    We will soon be adopted by a pair of guineas. I am trying to sort through all the information - there is a ton of good stuff! Newspaper sounds like the cheapest way to go, and I like that! Does it get stinky? How often would I change this? Daily? Weekly? And do I need to put a layer of something over it? Maybe CareFresh?

    Too bad there is not one simple answer to this, !

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    how big is your cage?

    i put about 1/2 inch layer of newspaper on the bottom of my cage and then a 1.5 inch layer of carefresh/aspen combo on top. i have to change it every 4-5 days with spot cleaning in between.

    i've got 4 munching piggers in a 3x4 cage.

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    Re : newspapers?

    I like what chunky pig does, it may be a bit easier for you to use a kiln dried shaving with carefresh on top, so you only have to completely clean the cage once or twice a week, with spot cleaning inbetween.

    I don't think layers of newspapers with shredded papers on top are that bad to use, but I think there may be other beddings that would make life easier for you. Papers don't absorb too much, so the bedding may have to be changed daily, unless you train your kids to use a litter pan. On another note, I don't know if the ink from the newspaper is that great for the piggers (even though some newspaper companies are using a soy based ink now).

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    I use newspaper and spot clean as needed then completly clean it out once a week. my pigs are pretty good though. although they poop everywhere they only really wee in two corners so I put extra newspaper down there.

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    Re: bedding

    I put a layer of newspaper down under the pine shavings once, and it seemed like it made the odor of the urine very bad. I'd love to be able to use newspaper, because we just recycle (throw it out) it anyway, but I don't think it has any odor-stopping properties.

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