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  • Female

    1,441 87.33%
  • Male

    151 9.15%
  • Age: Over 40

    139 8.42%
  • Age: 30 - 40

    292 17.70%
  • Age: 18 - 29

    736 44.61%
  • Age: 13 - 17

    390 23.64%
  • Age: Under 13

    73 4.42%
  • Live: US

    1,203 72.91%
  • Live: Canada

    136 8.24%
  • Live: UK

    139 8.42%
  • Live: Europe

    48 2.91%
  • Live: Asia

    9 0.55%
  • Live: Australia/NZ

    73 4.42%
  • Live: Other

    19 1.15%
  • Cavies: Planning on them

    161 9.76%
  • Cavies: Pet guardian

    1,247 75.58%
  • Cavies: Breed (intentionally have babies, once or repeatedly)

    20 1.21%
  • Cage: Planning on one that meets site minimums

    280 16.97%
  • Cage: Have cage that meets site minimums or more

    1,227 74.36%
  • Cage: Have a pet store or below minimum-size cage

    145 8.79%
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Thread: Who Are We?

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    Cavy Slave
    Nov 01, 2005
    Muncie, Indiana

    Re: Who Are We?

    New member here! 20 year old male from Muncie, Indiana! Trying the learn the in's and out's of my furry companions!

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    Re: Who Are We?

    31 years old feeling 100 right now because I have that darn cold, my kids have that darn cold and so does the hubby. We are all old feeling right now.

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    Re: Who Are We?

    i love that poll!

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    Re: Who Are We?

    Hi!!!! I am new the the board, but I am REALLY excited about bringing our two guinea pigs home. They are a gift for the kids for Christmas (shhhhhh!!! Don't tell).

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    Re: Who Are We?

    I voted! I think that it is wierd that we are manly girls!

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    Re: Who Are We?

    i looked at the postal totes -they are cool. i think the totes he is referring to are like the ones you put under the bed or christmas ornaments in

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    Re: Who Are We?

    that is how i got my first piggie now_I_have two. my eight year old didn't quite get as excited over the pigs as i did.!!
    Quote Originally Posted by hybrid_owner
    Hi!!!! I am new the the board, but I am REALLY excited about bringing our two guinea pigs home. They are a gift for the kids for Christmas (shhhhhh!!! Don't tell).

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    Re: Who Are We?

    my pig is in a 2x5 cage at the moment

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    Re: Who Are We?

    Wow, lots of us are females in the US. Haha, I'm a male in Canada...

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    Cavy Slave cavyinhawaii's Avatar
    Jun 09, 2006
    Hawaiian pigs living in NC

    Re: Who Are We?

    I have 2 little piggies. Right now they have a cage that is going to be too small fairly soon. They are right about 3 months old and almost one pound each.
    We are going to build our cavy cage next weekend,I hope.
    We are in Hawaii and are having a little trouble locating the grids.
    I am going to try walmart next.

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    Re: Who Are We?

    I technically represent a male and a female because my boyfriend and myself are a team when it comes to our animals.

    He helped me with my cavy cage and the transport of Gus-Gus and Sharpie. He also buys them things, which is so nice. ^_^

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    Re: Who Are We?

    As an older male I do seem to be in the minority here. These small furry companions are excellant for apartment dwellers. One of the reasons after Harry made his initial post to the guys in my veterans group I had him keep talking to them was to spread the word.

    And the way most of us enjoy designing and building things you have no idea the fun I had working on the cage and periodic alterations.

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    Re: Who Are We?

    I am surprised at the demographic here. Im a 22 year old guy finishing up undergraduate here in Texas. Ive had Calico for about 5 months, next saturday im going to the Texas Rustlers Guinea Pig rescue (Anyone from the area, this place is amazing, check it out.), hopefully to get her a baby sister. Despite the poll results, it seems us men have come out guns blazing in this thread pronouncing our minority.

    As harry mentioned, there is a strong appeal in the way of building things for the cages and coming up with ever more elaborate systems of comfort and delight for ones little charges. The guy who rigged up and old PSU for piggie-AC set me off for hours thinking up things I could do with my mountain of discarded computer parts.

    Stay strong, brothers

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    Cavy Champion, Previous Forum Moderator! VoodooJoint's Avatar
    Sep 05, 2004
    In Oil Covered New Orleans - FUBP

    Re: Who Are We?

    Quote Originally Posted by jackrungh View Post
    Despite the poll results, it seems us men have come out guns blazing in this thread pronouncing our minority....
    Stay strong, brothers
    HEY! Are you trying to somehow undermine our mission? This forum is nothing more then a front for the feminist movement to take over the world through proper animal care and welfare.

    We do not appreciate you trying to get the men all riled up just when we got them to like stuffed animals, lace and flowers and to openly cry and share their feelings.
    Everyone has the right to make an ass out of themselves. You can't let the world judge you too much.

    Maude from Harold and Maude

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    Cavy Slave The Magic Taco's Avatar
    Apr 26, 2005
    Right behind you.

    Re: Who Are We?

    Don't forget the chocolate, VJ.

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    Re: Who Are We?

    Sometimes I wish I were a guy because being a female can sure be difficult sometimes. Ah well, maybe in the next life. Anyways, I am a 20 year old female with two piggies and a 2X4 cage.

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    Re: Who Are We?

    Hey I wish I were a guy at certain times of the year!

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    Re: Who Are We?

    I'm male, 28, and engaged for two years. I live in the UK about two hours north of London. We have six guineas between us, (four are mine, two are my fiance's) We do not breed guineas, but could possibly be considered 'collectors', as we have guineas of various breeds, and specifically chose to get Himalayans and a Rex. We're planning on getting another guinea in about 4-5 months, as my Rex will be vacating his hutch for a larger one, and it would be wrong to have an empty hutch when it could give a rescue guinea a good home. My fiance would like us to get a sheltie, but having had one before, I know how much grooming and care they require, so we will likely not get one of those.
    As for accomodation, they are custom built hutches that exceed the requirements listed for size - guinea ratios.

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    Cavy Slave MilwCavyMom's Avatar
    Jan 09, 2007
    Milwaukee Land of Cheese and beer

    Re: Who Are We?

    Well I voted Planning on piggies and have them, since tomorrow I'll be a Piggy Mom. And I have the cage 70% set up, minus coroplast.'re too funny!

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    Re: Who Are We?

    I accidentally only have my age checked . i didn't realize the rest of the answers until I clicked submit. I live in USA, and have 2 piggies. I don't know if my cage size is right for them. It is a 2x3 grid.

    EDIT: I noticed that is says the minimum is the same for 1, so it is probably good .
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