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Thread: So You Want to be a Moderator?

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    Cool So You Want to be a Moderator?

    We are now recruiting for Sectional Moderators. Sectional Moderators may later be promoted to a full Moderator or we may rotate moderators back to regular member status for a variety of reasons. We may need to give others a chance or it may not work out as a great fit. We can have multiple moderators assigned to a given forum.

    What is a Sectional Moderator?

    Sectional Moderators are assigned to specific forums and have post and thread moderating ability within that particular forum. It is possible to be assigned to multiple forums.

    What do we look for in a potential moderator?

    First, you need to be at a Cavy Slave status or higher. Second, you need to have authored at least 50 posts, more is better.

    We're looking for a member that is mature, contributes positively to the community and has an interest in positively influencing the forum further. We do not have any restrictions on age, race, sex or any other personal attributes. A user that is capable of being fair and providing positive value to users is a prime candidate.

    While you do not have to agree with all of our positions on the forum, we expect you to respect them.

    As a moderator you definitely need great communications skills -- style, grammar, spelling and punctuation.

    What do we expect from a moderator?

    There are no required commitment levels from a potential moderator. As there is a time investment associated with bringing on moderators we expect anyone applying to be able to spend at least 1 hour per day on the forum, but this is not a strict requirement, more of a guideline. If you can spend at least an average of 5 hours per week on the forum then that is enough.

    Will my application be accepted?

    We're looking for members that are mature and sensible, members that have a good history of making positive contributions to and want to further contribute to the forum. People that meet these requirements will be considered. Personality plays a subjective role in the determination of fit.

    Who decides and when?

    I (CavySpirit) have the final decision. I take input from the rest of the staff. If you are not accepted now, you can apply again later. I will do my best to let you know the factors involved and what you might be able to do to improve your chances moving forward. You should hear back within a few days, but no longer than a week.

    Do moderators get paid?

    Nope! It's a volunteer position. There are no guaranteed perks besides a warm fuzzy feeling inside, a title change and access to our sectional moderator forum (new).


    The link is also under the "Community" menu option in the green menu bar at the top of the forum. Please complete the staff application. You can click through to it to see the questions. Please complete it thoughtfully.
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