I'm new to the forum, just wanted to say hi! I have 8 guinea pigs. Meatball & Porkchop (Americans), Sprinkles and Cupcake (Abbys), Muncher (Munch) and Waffles (Two-Face) (Abbys), and the newest additions, peruvians named Mumble and Rapunzel! They're all so adorable, love them so much! I know this should probably go in the medical section, but I figured I could kill 2 birds with one stone. The newest two (peruvians) have been sneezing a lot today (maybe about 3-5 times an hour) and every so often they'll make a high pitched sound that sort of sounds like a cough. I was going to rush them to a 24 hour emergency care place to get them treated for a URI but it's about an hour away and the fee just to see them is over $100 (I don't really care about that, money is not an object when it comes to my pets. Just wouldn't hurt to avoid if I can). I don't want to stress them out even more by taking them so far. The local vet opens at 8:00 in the morning. Will they be okay overnight? Thank you so much!!