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Thread: ALERT: Forum Behavior POLICY

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    Careless ALERT: Forum Behavior POLICY

    First of all, you MUST be at least 13 years old to post on this forum. If you are not, I require your parent's permission. I've received parental permission for a number of posters over time.

    There is a WARNING to all CAVY SLAVE category members on the INTRODUCTIONS forum, that says to lighten up and do not instigate arguments with new members.

    People who have read this forum for a while and especially members KNOW what this forum is about.


    Those are generally the biggies. Not everyone on this forum subscribes to all or even any of those stances, but I do and you are in my home, so to speak. So, I expect those stances to be respected at least. If you want to refute them, you should expect to provide more support for your argument than convenience for yourself or "my guinea pig is happy, thank you very much."

    I appreciate that a number of members are as passionate as I am about these issues. This does NOT give you license to be 'mean' or antagonistic or hurtful or bullying to other members. There have been a number of complaints about this lately and I'm getting tired of them. We *do* send out messages to people on reported posts. But, apparently, people are griping without reporting posts, as well.

    I'm creating a new user group for members. It will look like "Cavy Slave" (so no loss of face to the membership) but if you are put in this user group, your posts will be put on moderation status and you will lose your PM privileges while in this user group -- for one week.

    How do you get put in this group?

    • If TWO people report one of your posts, then that post will be reviewed by our moderators.
    • If at least TWO moderators (including myself as a moderator) agree that your post could have been worded more kindly, then we will send you a WARNING PM about it.
    • IF TWO people again report a post of yours after that, then you will be moved into the new moderated user group status for a period of one week. Hopefully, it won't happen again. If it does, you'll probably be moved to the Caged status.

    If you want to report me or my moderators, feel free, but we're staying as moderators and owner of the forum. Feel free to send us a message with your report, though. No repercussions to whistle blowers here.

    The idea is that, if you've got a problem with someone, say so by reporting it. BUT, I'm NOT taking one person's word for it either. So, if you've got issues with people being too mean, then you need to speak up about it by reporting the posts. And reporting posts is also not anonymous. We of course know who is reporting the post as well. So, it's going to take more than one person's feelings to initiate any sanctions to anyone else.

    We may adjust the numbers depending on what happens or doesn't happen.

    Make no mistake, this is an added burden on the moderators and myself.

    I see no other way to somewhat democratically deal with this growing issue.

    So, to those who've been complaining lately about the members being jumped on or bullied, use the report button. To those who've been keen on pushing their agenda at the expense of niceness, you might want to rethink how you phrase things. This does NOT mean that you can't make a point or say what you have to say. Consider how you are saying it and how it will be received.

    It DOES mean, that if someone just made the same point above you in a thread, you do NOT necessarily need to camp onto it and drive it home, YET AGAIN. READ the WHOLE thread before you decide to throw in your perhaps unneeded two cents.

    I'm open to suggestions or comments and will consider them. I'm pretty sure we're going to try this out for a while.

    This new policy will ONLY apply to NEW posts. Do not bother going back and reporting old posts, they will not be evaluated.

    My hope is that the community can self-police what it likes and doesn't like. We'll see.

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