I'll be turning 18 on thanksgiving so this was the last month that I got my SSI check, which I used to buy a 50lbs bag of pellets, hay, a digital kitchen scale, veggies, and other stuff for George.
I thought that I wouldn't be able to get a job for a while, so I was worried about how I was going to afford taking George to the vet (my boyfriend is going to pay for it, I just have to pay him back) and how i was going to afford more hay and veggies for him.
BUT, I got a job! It's only for when this lady's full time people can't make it in, but that's way better than nothing! I'm going in for training in an hour or two. And my first day of work will be on Tuesday from 10 to 1pm, working by myself.
It's at a bounce house place for kids and I'll be getting 6$ an hour under the table.
I'm so incredibly happy and relieved that I got a job just in time.