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Thread: Photo of the WHEEK! Contest Rules

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    Talking Photo of the WHEEK! Contest Rules

    The WINNER of Photo of the WHEEK receives the following!

    1. Bragging rights!
    2. Image is shown on the side bar
    3. Image is featured in our Facebook Page
    4. Image is featured in our wheekly newsletter!
    5. When the main site is upgraded (in the works), winner will appear on the home page.
    6. Gets a FREE upgrade to VIP status on the forum--Cavy Star!--bigger avatar and more (or a year's extension if you are already a Cavy Star)
    7. Gets one of the following--choice of:
    ....a) 10% discount coupon off of anything on the Guinea Pig Cages Store, OR
    ....b) 10% discount coupon off of anything on the Guinea Pig Market store with super cool new fleece stuff.
    8. FREE SUBSCRIPTION for a year to Pet Care Chart - Weigh and Track your Pet's Health


    1. ONE IMAGE per CONTEST. IF you submit more than one, it will be removed and you may be sanctioned.
    2. It must be a picture TAKEN BY YOU. You MAY NOT SUBMIT anyone else's image. Bottom line, you must own the copyright to the image.
    3. It's okay to Photoshop your image as long as the guinea pig is still recognizable as your pet.


    They are not easy to manage and the tools we have available are not ideal, so we're going to do the best we can with available tools. It's a balance of keeping it easy and fun. So, please bear with us as we work through the reality of it!!


    We will count "pins" as well as "thanks" for the vote. Voting is NOT anonymous, sorry. I don't want to use the overhead of creating nominations and polls--too much work. Too complicated. So, here's the deal. Currently, each person can vote TEN times (one vote per post/photo) in one weekly contest.

    You can move your votes around by THANKING and REMOVING YOUR THANK from posts. You'll probably want to do this as more photos get posted during the course of the week. So early front-runners should not get too happy until the end of the week!

    Unlike regular posts, I've changed the display order of posts in this forum. The NEWEST posts are displayed FIRST so this helps remove some of the bias on the early posters. They still get the most exposure over time, but new entrants are seen first.

    WEEK STARTS ON MONDAY MORNING (west coast time!)
    We will open up the thread for submissions and voting on MONDAY mornings. You may submit photos all week, but those submitted early have the best chance to capture the most votes. You can RE-submit a photo next week if you didn't win.


    The winner will be determined Sunday evening and announced Monday morning! Ties will be settled by a short time extension and then a majority of available moderator votes if necessary.

    Any users who have been behaving badly, and has been caged (put on moderated status), or banned, will be disqualified from the photo contest.

    Potential Wheekly Themes

    • Cute piggies
    • Piggy butts
    • Piggy lips
    • Sleeping piggies
    • Comfy piggies
    • Coolest Cage
    • Decorated Cages
    • Creative Cages
    • Fabulous Fleece
    • Cozified Cavies
    • Holiday themes


    New members CAN vote. In fact, I'm quite fine if you want to invite your friends to join the forum to vote for your photo. It's part of the underlying goal--get more people introduced to the forum and exposed to the content, messaging, information and fun!


    No, "oh, how cute,........"

    ALL of those comments will be removed! Don't make us work that hard!

    The THANKS System

    While it doesn't send you an email, the system does keep track of how many Thanks you have received.

    Note: You are NOT able to Thank your own post!

    Of course, I reserve the right to change all of the above as I see fit!
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