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Thread: Basically, where can I find grids in Toronto

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    Basically, where can I find grids in Toronto

    I've been waiting for a shipment to come to my local Costco on the queensway but now they dont order from them which is riduculous cause if they are sold out then people want them!:| anyways, I dont think I'll EVER find any grids at this rate, PLEASE help! If I build a bigger cage I promise I'll buy my Vodka (piggy) a new mate and name her Kahula Thanks in advance

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    Re:grids in Toronto

    I was able to find grids at Walmart in Brampton. A package of 13 was $19.97, and they come in different colours. They were located in the hardware section. Hope this helps!

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    Re: Re:grids in Toronto

    Staples Business Depot should have it. I only came across it on the website myself just now...

    so I haven't seen it there personally. Good luck!

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