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Thread: piggies afraid of being out

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    piggies afraid of being out

    My boyfriend bought 2 piggies about 2-3 months ago, both are female. When we walk by, the piggies would grab the cage door because they're expecting to get some fresh food (ie carrots). But whenever we open the door to let them out for floor time, they never come out! Even if we grab them and put them on the floor (the cage is on the floor also), they just run back into the cage as if they dont want to be out. What's wrong with them? If my boyfriend has a 13-yr-old sister, does the impact on the piggies? (I've seen her playing with the piggies....and figure out the rest....)

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    Re: piggies afraid of being out

    I've had one piggy six weeks and the other 3 weeks ans both girls were afraid to be out in the beginning. I woul take them out and they would just hide in their box or sit very still. I started to put out veggies something llight like parsley. I started giving it near them and gradully farther away from they and closer to me and I tried to be very still. Now they still run if I make sudden moves but now they run behind me when I sitting on the floor. They sit and rest on my feet when I'm at the compuer and even climb on my lap to eat. It takes time everyday!

    P.S. If you are hinting that your boyfriends sister is being unkind(because it sounds like you are) then you need to put a stop to her behavior. At 13 she should know better than to mishandle or otherwise mistreat an animal and if she doesn't than you need to tell her!
    Everyday animals are abused by children either with malice or by ignorance I hope this is not the case but if it is and you let it continue well your piggies have reason to be afraid.

    good luck

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