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Thread: Cubes 4 sale (inexpensive, I think)

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    Cubes 4 sale (inexpensive, I think)

    Hi everyone!
    I recently was shopping around for some stuff, and came across the target magizine, and they sell the cubes for the cages for a set of six for the price of only $15.00, and they have the big plastic boxes ranging in price of 99 cents to 8 dollars! I personally think of this as a real steal, and there are alot of target stores, so stop by and take a look, you could find your next cage!!!

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    Re: Cubes 4 sale (inexpensive, I think)

    That's where I bought ours - Target. The set I got has enough pieces for 6 cubes, more than enough for our one little piggy. I was on my way to the local Costco/Price Club when I drove by the new Target just down the street. Lucky me!

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    Thats great, good lick with your piggy!

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    krazed kris

    cubes in Canada?

    Hi.... I have to g.p's that I adore. We've had Guini for a year and in December we got another one, who we named Pig (both are male) Right now they have separate cages because one is not big enough...if fact I don't feel one is big enough for one pig let alone 2(my g.p's are quite large). My problem is first of all I want to make my own cage and am wondering if anyone knows if Costco in Canada would sell the cubes...or any other place? Next is where to make this cage. Right now they live in the living room which I like because they are close to me most of the day, but I'm not sure if my living room is big enough for a home made cage. Where does everyone else put their pigs. I want to make one large cage for both of them and perhaps one more.

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    how many do I need?

    Ok I did go to the site that discusses the whole enchillada about the way to make your own piggie home but must confess I am an idiot because I still can't figure it out. Re the ones in Target, how many should I buy for 2 piggies (keeping it to a comfy minimum).

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    Re: how many do I need?

    I keep my pigs in my living room. I had to do quite a bit rearranging to fit everything in, as my living room is quite small! However, we got it to fit. Where there is a will, there is a way! I bet you can find a place to squeeze a cage in!

    As for cubes, go and have a look and find out if they sell them! I've heard that Costco sells them, so maybe yours does???

    And lastly, one box will most likely be enough. For a 2X4 cage, you need 12 grids. Soooo, if there is that many in the box, then that is all you need! If you want a larger cage, then just add up however many total cubes you will need.


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