If you have a sick pig, please keep all medical information related to that pig in a single thread instead of starting multiple threads on the same sick pig. This goes for pregnant pigs, pigs you think might be pregnant who turn out to be pregnant who turn out to have babies. This goes for pigs who seem to have one issue (ie lethargy) and turn out to have another issue (ie UTI). If it's the same pig, please keep all the medical information in this section on a SINGLE thread. It's helpful to have an entire history whenever possible when reading through these issues and trying to help - when you start in the middle without background info (even if you think the background info is irrelevant to the issue at hand) it makes it harder to get a full picture of the situation and therefore might take longer to help offer solutions or suggestions. It's also helpful to folks who might be keeping track of your condition or issue to have all the information in a single place rather than searching around looking for all threads related to the same pig or issue.

Please and thank you.