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Thread: TIPS for Creating a GREAT GUINEA PIG AD!

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    Talking TIPS for Creating a GREAT GUINEA PIG AD!

    When you create your listing on the Guinea Pig Zone (Guinea Pigs for Sale/Adoption, Rescues & Shelters), you fill in the blanks and select some options to create the bulk of your listing. But, here's how to make your listing in the Zone really pop!

    #1: PHOTOS!

    No matter what you do, GET A PHOTO of your guinea pig(s) and upload at least one photo in the listing. More photos are better, but go with the most appealing photo as your lead photo. We are visual creatures. We like photos. Your guinea pig zone listing gets posted in multiple places, so a photo is very important.


    Avoid boring titles ("Two pigs need a home" -- boring). Go with cute or sad. You need to attract attention in either a cute way or a heart-strings way. Better: "Two Darling Love Muffins Looking for You!" or "Mean Landlord, Adorable Piggies." Be creative.


    First you need to convince the general adoption-loving public that you are not a breeder. We don't like it when breeders try to use pet rehoming resources to sell their stock. So, the more you explain -- in detail -- WHY you are needing to rehome your precious guinea pigs, the better. Lots of detail is GOOD!


    Ideally, you should include a phone number or an alternate email address in case someone had difficulty with a particular method. You might be missing out on a really great adopter if they are having troubles getting a hold of you. Some people may read a listing but don't like to email. Some won't call but will email. The best listing has both options.

    #5. INCLUDE THE ADOPTION FEE and whatever you are giving away.

    Don't hide it. Don't be shy about it. It is totally expected. DO NOT EVER say "free to good home." Not ever and don't do it. If someone cannot afford a standard adoption fee, they definitely cannot afford the pet. It's a screening tool as much as anything. If you have a cage or accessories or food or bedding to give away along with the guinea pigs, include that in your listing. Just don't forget the adoption fee as well. Personally, I wouldn't charge less than $20 per guinea pig. My normal adoption fee is $25 per guinea pig. I think it's reasonable. Some people have an overinflated idea about how much their used cage is worth. Go easy on how much you want to charge (if you do) for your accessories.

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    Re: TIPS for Creating a GREAT GUINEA PIG AD!

    Thanks for this nice posting.... i will try my best in this way.



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