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Thread: How to rehome your guinea pig quickly and well!

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    Talking How to rehome your guinea pig quickly and well!

    We INSIST that anyone posting a listing for guinea pig for adoption create their listing on the Guinea Pig Cages, Care, Shelters, Veterinarians - Guinea Pig Zone website.


    1. When you create a post on the forum, it only is promoted here. AND, almost ALL the time, people don't really know how to create an effective listing. They almost ALWAYS leave off the most important thing in the most important part of the post -- the location needs to be in the title! On the zone site, you create whatever you want for a title, as people are wont to do, and system will automatically add the city and state to the title.

    2. When you register and create an adoption listing on Guinea Pig Cages, Care, Shelters, Veterinarians - Guinea Pig Zone, the zone site is highly optimized for the search engines. Within days, your listing will appear on google for key search terms.

    For example, search on "guinea pigs in Syracuse" in Google. What do you see? For me, the fifth listing is the GPZ listing, the sixth listing is the automatic posting of that listing on the GPC forum. And over time, those search engine placements will get even better.

    3. NOW, 4 times a day, new guinea pig adoption listings are automatically posted on the GPZ Facebook page: Guinea Pig Zone | Facebook. I keep it so that fans are not spammed with listings and they are important when they hit, so only 2 listings at a time, 4 times a day are posted. If we need more later, I'll up it.

    So, please LIKE our page and become a fan. Also please LIKE and comment on GPZ listings, because the way facebook works, the more people interact with various listings on a page, the more likely those listings will appear in fan news feeds if they are only viewing popular items.

    Also, please participate in general on the Facebook GPZ page: Guinea Pig Zone | Facebook. It helps everyone!! Post photos, post comments, help answer questions, whatever!

    4. When someone goes to the guinea pig zone to search for a guinea pig, they can enter their location -- FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD -- and find a guinea pig near them, with the miles calculated as to how far away that person lives.

    5. In the not too distant future, I will be paying for some custom development to have an adoption application working right along with the general inquiry, so that people and rescues can have a tool to help evaluate a prospective adopter.

    6. You can control your email and phone number exposure. People can contact you through the listing and you do not necessarily have to publish your email address, nor do interested parties have to be members, like they do here, in order to contact you privately.

    7. Once I have the rest of the zone site set up, people can earn points by adopting to get discounts on other products that will be offered on the site from various guinea pig vendors.
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    I am so impressed by how much thought you've put into all the new changes. It's amazing and I'm really happy to have found this site.

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    Thank you!! More to come, too. Actually the best is yet to come, IMO.

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    Re: How to rehome your guinea pig quickly and well!

    Thank you for this - I just promised my friend the other day that I'd take a Guinea Pig for her, so I could re-home him! Hopefully this will help!



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