The key to keeping salad greens is ventilation. I have both the Produce Saver and the Lettuce/Berry keeper containers and they both work well. Neither is better than the other. I prep all greens for one week by roughly chopping them, washing them with a fruit and veggie wash and drying them off in a salad spinner. Then I put the greens in containers. They are all separated by which type they are. Example: Green leaf lettuce in one container (or more containers depending on how much is bought), parsley in another container, with red leaf in another container. I'll chop up, wash and spin green peppers, carrots etc. But not things like cucumber, zucchini, or roma tomatoes which go bad really fast no matter what you store them in. I only cut up what I need at the time and put plastic wrap over the end of cucumbers and zucchini. The main thing that helps is shopping weekly for veggies. They have less time to go bad if you do so.

We have a square foot garden and we try to grow as many of our vegetables, fruits and herbs as we can, but we still have to buy vegetables when it's not the season for certain ones and certain vegetables we don't really use very often. When we buy them we buy locally. If we can't get it locally we get organic as often as possible. Having a garden is great! You don't have to worry about it going bad because you can pick it when you need it if you stagger plantings correctly. We don't have a lot of room currently to have as big of a garden as we want, but are moving within a year or two and will have a lot of space. I think a greenhouse is in order for growing vegetables all year 'round!