I have two pups. One is almost 6 weeks and the other is almost 4 weeks. I have had the first for 3 weeks and the second just a few days. They are eating veggies, hay, and pellets fine. I hear them at the water bottle also. They have floor time once a day and we try to hold and pet them at least once a day too. They spend most of the time hiding of course.

I am just wondering if I should be doing anything else special for their age?

They are very wiggly when being held (wrapped in a blanket). Will this stop when they are older?

One of them is a finger nibbler too. Will this stop when she is older?

They usually pee in their hidey which is fleece. Is this normal or should they be coming out to pee?

Will there poop and pee areas become more distinguishable one they are older?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.