Hello! I've been on the forum for a couple of days, but haven't really 'been' on it; if you know what I mean.

So...a quick little introduction :) I am from Florida, and I have three gorgeous Guinea Pigs; one of them is an Abyssinian brown female named Brindy. She is extremely mischevious. My other two are both smooth coats; the one is named Zoey, who is a tri-color of orange, white and black. She is quite a squeaker! The newest one is named Candy, who is black with orange stripes down her face . She's named Candy because she is the color of Halloween.

I am currently building a C&C cage for them; 3x5 with a 1x5 loft. I have the grids ready and am actually getting ready to go get the coroplast. What's weird is that it was so much easier to find the coroplast then grids...most sign shops had it, but almost no one had the grids! :/

Just a quick little intro. Will post pics of my cute piggies later :D