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    Hi my name is Christina I live in NYC. I had my 3 piggies for about 2 months now but one of them suddenly gave birth to 4 more piggies this morning so I have 7. The mom is still and always will be healthy.

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    Re: Hi

    If you haven't already, you should have your pigs sexed to make sure that you arent keeping male and female piggies together. Breeding is not only frowned upon here, but extremely taxing on a pigs life. Please keep males and females in separate enclosures. The babies can be separated as well after 21 days.

    I am glad that your mom pig is healthy right now, but to state that she always will be healthy is rather naive. You never know when a vet trip may be lurking around the corner.

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    Re: Hi

    Welcome to the forum. Are all three of the original pigs female? If not, be sure to seperate the males from the females as you could easily have another litter show up unexpectedly. How big of a cage are the three of them in? What are their names? Do you have any pigtures?

    Again, welcome. I hope you enjoy your time here and find lots of useful information!

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    Re: Hi

    Since you've had the pigs for 2 months and one just gave birth, I'm assuming you housed males and females together. It's not a good idea as you now know because unfixed males and females create babies. It's hard on females to give birth and keeping them together will undoubtedly result in her becoming pregnant again.

    As Dichotomy said, it's good that she's healthy now but you can't say she will ALWAYS be healthy.

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    Re: Hi

    I have a 2x6 cage 2 of them are girls and one of then is a boy(who I thought was a guy). I got the boy from my aunts friend that had him for 4 months. One of the girl is a her name is Lemon but she looks like a sandwhich, another one of my girl is a peruvian her name is pumpkin since she is orange, and the boy is a abyssinian and his name is apple. Sorry I don't have pictures I need to buy a new camera.

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    Re: Hi

    As soon as I noticed that my guinea pig became fatter I put him in my other cage(always had extra cages just in case anything happened).

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    Re: Hi

    Let's just wait and see what they say - they may have bought a pregnant pig at a pet shop. They are usually missexed and or pregnant.

    Gestation is 59 to 73 days so the sow may have gotten pregnant just before they got her.

    But here is a sexing guide either way Sexing Guinea Pigs: How to Sex a Guinea Pig

    You need to remove any baby males at 21 days . Read too

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    Re: Hi

    My Aunt got me the boy Guinea pig (thinking it was a girl) for me. I forgot to check the gender myself.



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