Hello all!

I've been wondering around the forum for a few days asking questions and what nots so now and thought it might be a good idea for some introductions. Most importantly I would like to introduce my new friends.

First thing, I just want to say THANK YOU for everyone who has helped me created a perfect home for my piggies through all the wonderful advice and helpful post. I'm sure I will have more question so I'm glad to have a bunch like all of you to help me along.

Online I go by the name Xebby and you can also find me on dog forums but not as much as I use to be. I have always helped in fostering animals and volunteering in whatever way I can to help our furry and some not so furry friends. I have worked for a few years as a vet assistant so I'm very familiar with domestic animals, however, my experience with exotics comes from my docent work at the zoo so I'm a bit new to guinea pigs. I will be graduating college this December with a degree in environmental science but I heart lives with animals.

Now for my piggies:
Just adopted these two young girls a few days ago.
Well, what can I say, here are their pictures to tell it all...


We just call her Jig. She was going to be called Popper but that name didn't fit