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Thread: Making a "sleeping bag" cozy. (part 1)

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    Re: Making a "sleeping bag" cozy. (part 1)

    Wow this is great! thank you so much! I would wash all fabric before making anything.

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    Re: Making a "sleeping bag" cozy. (part 1)

    Quote Originally Posted by alicia09 View Post
    Does the fleece need to be washed like it would be if it was going to be used as a bedding? Or does it not matter? I bought some fleece today to use to make a few of these but I don't know whether I can use it straight away or whether I should wash it.
    I've been wondering this too, as I just got a lot of new fleece to make piggie accessories from. I'm thinking it would be better to wash it a few times first otherwise they might pee in it and it won't soak through (but then again where exactly does it soak through to? I just wash my piggie's cozies every day or two anyway.)

    Thank you for this thread I've been looking for a good guide on how to make them. I was especially confused on what you use to make it keep its shape - now I know you use foam or boning. The cuddle sack I bought from ebay has boning in it, I just didn't know what the word for it was so didn't know what to ask for at the fabric shop! Now I can get stuff to make mine better so they stay open for the pigs

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    Re: Making a "sleeping bag" cozy. (part 1)

    I am having the worst time finding absorbent fleece. It is all polyester and the water just beads off. I have washed and dried it several time and still no luck. Could someone please give the a brand name of the fleece. I tried cheap and expensive fleece.

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    Re: Making a "sleeping bag" cozy. (part 1)

    To the posters wondering if they need to wash the fleece before using, yes. Wash all fabrics before sewing not only does it need to be preshrunk, but new fabrics often contain chemicals which can be harmful to small animals.

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    Re: Making a "sleeping bag" cozy. (part 1)

    Nearly all fleece, unless it comes directly off a sheep , is polyester, so that's not your problem.

    Many fleeces are made to repel water -- that's why they make good outerwear. You need to break down that coating so that the liquid will wick through.

    Wash it several times in hot water with detergent with no fabric softener in it. You could even soak it in a strong vinegar solution for a while, then throw it in the washer, or wash it in a soap with a mild bleach in it. Just be sure to wash it again a couple of times with a soap without the bleach -- just to get all the bleach residue out.

    I bought all mine on sale at either Hancock Fabrics or Joann's. It wasn't the most expensive fleece, but not the cheapest, either. It works just find, but I did have to wash it four or five times before it would wick.

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    Re: Making a "sleeping bag" cozy. (part 1)

    Thank you for your help. I have washed and dryed the fleece 4 times so far, so I'll just continue until it wicks.

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    Re: Making a "sleeping bag" cozy. (part 1)

    I am sewing challenged but trying to learn! I am finding it difficult to know how big to make the rectangles. Can someone that has made these provide examples for me? width for opening and length of bag? Thanks sooo much!



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