A little over a month ago, I adopted a pair of guinea pigs. The girl I adopted them from bought them at a petstore about a month before, and was told they were brothers, and were in the boar cage. The moment the came to live with me, I gave them a quick look over, and surprise. Two females.
Over the past month, one of the girls, Rita, has seemed pregnant. She has gained weight, developed the "pear" shape, and I thought I felt movement. The type of movement you feel when you can just feel the movement, the sort of little "pops".
Rita should be about 9 weeks along now. She's large, and showing all the signs of being pregnant, except that I can't feel proper 9 week movement. I have rescued guinea pigs before(many pregnant females) and by 9 weeks, I can feel rolls, legs poking out, kicks, etc. With Rita, I can only feel the occasional little "pop". Her tummy is also softer than I am used to in 9 week gone females.
She has actually dialated just a little, maybe 1/4 of an inch over the past day or two.
Is it possible that Rita is having a phantom pregnancy? I know nothing about phantom pregnancies. Or is it more likely that she is actually pregnant, but having only 1 or 2 babies? The smallest litter I have ever had from other rescued girls is 3, so I don't know much about small litters either.