This post is a reminder about FLOUNCING and creating ALTER EGO accounts.

What does that mean?

Let's say you decide you don't like this forum anymore. Maybe someone was too critical of one of your posts or you didn't like being notified that we don't allow chat speak or photos of pet store cages or whatever. If your sensibilities are very easily offended, this might ruffle your feathers. We try not to, but sometimes, all the politeness in the world doesn't seem to matter to someone who is hell-bent on using chat speak or thinks none of our posting guidelines applies to them. This is an "adult" forum (meaning we expect posting with maturity) with strong animal welfare themes and we have a lot of kids as members--which is a challenge.

If you are unhappy here, you're best bet is just LEAVE. Take a breather. Take a posting vacation. Many of us have done this from time to time. Unsubscribe from any threads you are getting notices on so there isn't a reminder about the forum coming in to your email inbox.

In almost EVERY case of someone being upset about something, they still want the ability to come back later--usually within seconds of announcing that they plan to leave--if not days, weeks or months later.

IF you PUBLICLY ANNOUNCE that you are leaving-----it is a BANNABLE OFFENSE----and you will permanently lose all current and future membership and posting rights.

Why is this the policy, you might ask?

First of all, if you want to leave, leave. No one is holding you here. Second, making a public statement about not liking the members, the moderators, the forum, or whatever, is just being a drama queen and usually ends up inciting more drama on the forum--which we do NOT need nor want. Yes, there ARE other guinea pig forums on the net--so feel free to shop with your feet so-to-speak and participate in other venues. Just leave our forum in peace and you won't have burned any bridges. But if you insist on burning that bridge, then it's not rebuildable.

Here's another problem. People seem to think that getting banned is no big deal. They're smarter than we are and they'll just re-register with a different user name and email address and either start over and try to play nice for a while OR they'll continue their harassment campaign with a new "identity."

This is called creating an "ALTER EGO" account. It's still you, but you are now trying to convince the moderators and the members that you are a whole new person. If you are found to have created an ALTER EGO account, BOTH ACCOUNTS WILL BE BANNED.

Guess what? We have MULTIPLE TOOLS to detect alter ego accounts. Save your energy and don't bother with trying to mask your IP or use a dynamic IP. That's just one thing that we check--automagically--and it's definitely not the only one. You WILL be found out. Usually pretty quickly. Sometimes we give you enough rope to hang yourself. That is, we let you post for a bit while we watch the drama unfold.

We always send a private message to members who we suspect right away of having created an alter ego account and give them a chance to explain the situation. Sometimes, it's legit and that's fine. But, you wouldn't believe some of the stories concocted for us! My oh my. For people who usually have had such an "issue" with not liking our forum, it's truly amazing the great lengths they will go to in order to be back here and posting!

Everyone on this forum is assumed to be who they say they are until proven otherwise. I trust people. But I won't tolerate people who are being duplicitous about who they are and their posts.

Another common problem that is that some members who also don't like the forum and may have argued or debated themselves into a corner, also frequently think that they can either just abandon their current identity and start fresh with a new one, OR worse yet, create a new identity to back up and support their old one!

The same ALTER-EGO rules apply. While you may not have been banned at all or even close to it in any way on your previous identity, by creating a new one, you RISK permanently losing any and all membership and posting privileges. Because if you are found to have an Alter-Ego account, BOTH your old account and your new one WILL be banned! So DON'T DO IT! Be HONEST. Be honest with yourself and be honest with us. We all deserve that minimal amount of respect.