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Thread: Albums vs. Galleries

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    Talking Albums vs. Galleries

    Okay! Here it is. I just added a side block on user profiles to display the latest 15 photos from the photo galleries, with a link to your gallery.

    The photos in the GALLERY are searchable and viewable by EVERYONE.

    ALL guinea pig, cage, accessory, etc. type photo SHOULD go in the GALLERY. As you know, they are featured at random on the albums and are categorized to help others easily find your photos--both for enjoyment and for educational purposes.

    The PERSONAL ALBUMS on your PROFILE are for "OTHER" photos and you can create albums called whatever you want. There is a limit of 60 photos total and the photos are automatically resized to a standard (probably smaller) size.

    We're not going to penalize you for putting guinea pig photos in your personal albums--at least not now--but IF it becomes a problem--that may happen.

    Some of the photos that we haven't allowed in the Gallery, you can put in your personal album, such as "another cozy or hidey house" photo that we already have too many of in the galleries.

    BUT, we really want your cute piggy photo in the GALLERY so that everyone can enjoy them.

    The ONLY way someone will see your PERSONAL ALBUM photos is if they happen to click on your profile.

    You can see an example of use by looking at my profile: Guinea Pig Cages Forum - View Profile: CavySpirit

    Also, be aware that I've also made the member profiles accessible to the general public, not just members.

    This gives us better visibility. You now have the ability to control your own privacy options from your "My Profile" link.

    We won't be quite as fussy about the photos you post in your personal albums, but of course, they must be "G" rated. And still--NO bad care type photos and NO photos of crappy cages--ie, cages that are too small. You must still meet our cage minimum and care minimum standards to post a photo.

    Have fun!

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    Re: Albums vs. Galleries

    So are we allowed to post random non-pig related photos in the personal albums, like last summer's vacation etc.?

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    Re: Albums vs. Galleries

    Well, your profile answered that one for me!

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    Re: Albums vs. Galleries

    Also, in the quick reply and Go Advanced reply for posting, there is a new button--a camera--that will allow you to easily select and post photos from either your albums or your gallery. Be sure to play around with the various ways of posting your photos.

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