This post in response to a few people who want to "discuss" PETA as well as "educate" us on why animal research is a good thing.

Guess what? It's not going to happen. PERIOD. End of story.

Yes, you are entitled to your views. If you want to educate the world about your views, find a different venue. It isn't happening here. Why? Because I say so. It's that simple.

As has been stated from DAY ONE of this forum, no PETA bashing or bashing of any animal welfare/animal rights groups is allowed. If you've got a beef with PETA, take it up with them. If you enjoy the fruits of animal research, great. Enjoy your life.

Just so you know, I am very versed in the biotech industry. I just got back from a conference in Vancouver. I attended a biotech conference in '04 where I had to cross AR picket lines. I attended a session/panel on how the biotech industry deals with the likes of animal rights and animal welfare people and organizations. Quite enlightening. Did I post about it here? NO. It's not appropriate.

I promise you, the topic does NOT belong on this forum, which is about 1/3 kids, many of which have no real clue about big business. A guinea pig forum, where quite a few people can't even comprehend basic business principles of supply and demand, especially the kids, is NOT the forum to discuss the intricacies of big business, government, the biopharma industry, the politics of the FDA, the Health Care Industry, etc. And any REAL discussion of animal testing and animal research by rights must dig deep into those areas or you are talking out of your hat.

We can't even keep breeder/pet store discussions civil half the time. I'm not going to waste me and my moderators time on the inevitable insults and hurt feelings that such debates always devolve into.

I'm NOT singling anyone out on this. It's been this way--very publicly--from the beginning. If anyone wants to take it personally--that's your issue.

The threads in question are deleted.

And NO ONE has EVER been banned on this site for having differing opinions. However, you must abide by the posting rules and guidelines of this forum if you want to be a member in good standing. Some topics are just not allowed--including religion and politics. That's MY right as the owner of this forum.