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    This is just a reminder to all the newbies joining our forum and who have not read our rules yet.

    Signatures are NOT allowed on our forum. The forum owner, CavySpirit, does not like signatures of any type and does not allow signatures of any type.

    We here at GPC define signatures as:
    • Signing your username to your posts.
    • Signing your real name to your posts.
    • Signing your pets name(s) to your posts.
    • Attaching photos to the bottom of most/all your posts.
    • Putting a row of xxx's or other symbols at the ends of your posts.
    • Putting a row of smilies/emoticons at the ends of your posts.
    • Banners.
    • Any of the above in combination with each other.

    If you put a signature on your post, be advised you will get either a wheek or a poo for it. So save yourself the hassle, don't put them on your posts and take the time to read the rules which can be found in the Policies and Guidelines forum and as a sticky thread at the top of the "About Guinea Pigs" forum called Posting Rules.

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