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Thread: Please read before posting in this forum.

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    Please read before posting in this forum.

    In order to help you better, we need you to help us.

    If your pig is sick the best thing you can do is not post and get your pig to the vet immediately.

    Please only post one thread regarding your pig's issue then update that one thread as necessary. Keeping everything in one thread helps everyone keep track of your pigs illness/injury/treatment, etc.

    Another thing I highly encourage all members to do before posting in this section is to label your posts clearly. Don't put the title of your thread as "Help", "Emergency" or "I don't know what to do", etc. Try to be specific. Titles such as "I think my pig might have mites/a URI/head tilt/a UTI/bumblefoot or whatever condition" will also help us help you.

    And please read this message from the forum owner and administrator, CavySpirit aka Teresa (it's also at the top of this forum section):

    Please do NOT offer advice or suggestions in this forum unless you are SURE about it and have something of value to say.


    Do not add your two cents just because it sounds like common sense. I strongly discourage Newbies from offering advice here because we don't know you yet. We don't know what you know or don't know.
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