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Thread: YOU - helping animals!

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    i love animals and since im a kid it makes it hard to help, but what i have done is.
    -built c&c cage for my girls, this took months of convincing for my mom.
    -adopted a handicapped bunny, we rescued him from the bunny rescue, he has no front teeth.
    -learned a ton of information from this site and guinea linx.
    -told my friends who have piggies about c&c cages and this site.
    thats about it, but i think what i did helped my animals in a big way.

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I'm going to start off by telling bout my own animals.
    My first pet was a German Shepard/rotti mix rescued from Lancaster county humane league 2001, But recently Passed away Sept 6 2009 RIP Heidi.
    Gracie came from a private party and all i know is she came from a mom and pop shop, but I loved her to death when I first saw her.
    then would be our Cat Baby, Which I picked up off the streets She looked very skinny under nourished had lice and fleas. I brought her back to health and she has been with us ever since.
    Now our five guinea pigs I rescued Abbi and Chip from my uncles Vet Clinic over a year ago and Then May 2009 I had rescued a pregnant Cookie from the same place, Have two of her babies.
    Then Sr Betta We got at a pet store.

    I have my piggy's In a Nice big 2X5x1 C&C cage with a 1x2 loft I have my males in a 2x4 with a 1x2 loft C&C cage

    I also am apart of the Western Animal Rescue League Womans Auxiliary Women's Auxiliary of the Animal Rescue League of Western PA Which raises money so that we can keep the animals until they find a home (no kill rescue) I donate when I can to other organizations as well.

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I go the the animal shelter to entertain and walk the animals.

    I click almost daily at Click to Give @ The Animal Rescue Site

    I have informed many people on how to care for their dogs, cats, and small pets.

    I have prevented people from buying harmful products.

    I have volunteered at animal related fundraisers.

    I have advised people on which products to buy.

    I have advertised animals for adoption and have found about 10 (or more) homes for shelters pets.

    I have referred people to this site!

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    Cavy Slave
    Jan 02, 2009

    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I want to do more but so far,
    I have started volunteering at local animal shelter. Typically I spend time with the cats, and help clean the dog cages. (My goal is 4-5 hours a week depending if I get to go on Saturdays.)
    I provide a good life for my guinea pigs, and I adopted one.
    I rescued a abused cat that wandered around my school with my friends. (Kids kicked it and threw rocks at it.)
    I found a home for a kitten that lived near me.
    I educate my friends about CC cages.
    I educate my class mates on over population.
    I give out links to this site.
    I educate people in pet stores/grocery stores about animals.

    I want to do so much more, and I will when I get older.

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    Aug 25, 2007
    In beautiful Stroudsburg Pa

    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    We foster dogs for a local rescue called Save a Pet. We adopted out a little dog 2 weeks ago. Now we have a new foster who's name is Suzie Q. We also are fostering her 8 newborn, 5 day old puppies.

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I don't purchase animals--All of our household has been adopted or rescued.

    I volunteer and donate supplies/money to local shelters.

    Big advocate of rescuing and not breeding.

    I am "mostly" vegetarian--We still purchase fish on occasion and eggs from local sources. I hope even that much makes a difference, especially since "Meatless Monday" is supposed to be a huge impact.

    We do order raw meat for our cats and dog from a place that raises animals for the purpose of being raw pet food. That goes against the veg thing but I believe it is better for my pets well being.

    In the process of building our 2 rescued pigs a c&c cage!

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    Cavy Slave
    Nov 10, 2008
    Ohio - Cleveland area

    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I LOVE animals. I have a zoo - guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, turtles, cats, and home; tarantula, gerbil, turtles, and a my classroom. At work, I am known as Dr. Doolittle because I make sure everyone is taking care of their school & at home. Whenever someone has an animal question, they come to me.

    I also check craig's list frequently to see if there are any animals in need. I have posted facts about guinea pigs (things I've learned from this site) and turtles; and I've even emailed people about C&C cages and other ways to properly care for their pets (mostly piggies).

    I rescued a cat from a park and my husband and I fostered a pair of puppies and a momma and her four kittens (not all at once :P). I wish I could rescue more...we have some strays on our street...but money is an issue sometimes. I used to volunteer at a shelter, but didn't agree with how they were treating the cats...we (my sisters, aunt, and I) tried to work something out with the board, but they didn't listen.

    My dad told me that I couldn't save them all (animals)...maybe I can't, but I'm not going to stop trying!

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    ***EDIT!!*** I am SO sorry this is so long. I posted it and realized how long it is. Feel free to just skim!! I have a huge problem with having to explain everything in detail, so I really apologize for that!

    I really like this positive thread and I want to thank everyone for what you do for all animals!

    At first I wasn't going to post here, but after reading everyone's posts and seeing what they do, it gave me ideas on what I could do! Mainly, places to donate to!! So my hope is people will read my post and also get ideas

    I've been donating to the ASPCA, The Humane Society of US, and have been a member of Defenders of Wildlife for several years now. My favorite part about Defenders of Wildlife is every gift giving holiday, such as birthdays and Christmas, I purchase stuffed animals for the young children in my family (no kids of my own, but mainly my cousins). Not only is it a donation, but the kids LOVE the animals and love getting a certificate with their name on it. I feel that if they learn about these things while they're young, that it will shape them to be a responsible pet owner or activist in the future. ***I should note that I don't donate to get something...just with DOF, it's nice to give a gift and still help out!***

    I'm a huge fan of adopting from shelters and 2 of my cats I got from the SPCA in Olean, NY. When I originally went to the shelter, it was to get a cat that my husband said I could have for my birthday. He wanted me to get a kitten, but, while kittens are cute, I am much more of an adult cat person. I saw Dora (3 yrs old at the time) surrounded by these incredibly sick cats and when I walked into the FIV area, she came up to me as if she was already mine. I left that day saying that I would take an orange kitten named Warren. Back home, my husband and I were at the grocery store and I just lost it. I was bawling and begging him to let me go back and get Dora...I didn't want the kitten. He finally agreed and the next day I went all the way back and got her and, even though she's sick and vet bills are pricey, I have never regretted getting her. She truly is my baby and the affection she and I give each other is readily picked on by my daddy-in-law . The second cat, Lucy, we did get as a kitten. Jeremy picked her out. Long story short, the volunteer opened the cage door to pick up Lucy and she jumped out and it took us 30 minutes to catch her. She hasn't slowed down one bit.

    Recently we took in a stray and named him Gabriel. SO skinny and covered in fleas. No longer though. He is an escape artist, so two weeks ago, we got him fixed so if he gets out again, he won't be making any babies (I am SO thrilled)!! I was desperate to get him fixed because there is a feral cat colony across the road from our apartment complex and I think he may have come from there (currently TWO cats are pregnant over there...TWO!!!). He does have issues with aggression, specifically toward Dora and myself, but we've been working with him a lot and he's gotten so much better.

    Speaking of the feral colony, I take over food from time to time and I've been working on a way to get humane traps so these cats can be taken to a no kill shelter to be fixed. Honestly, I think they may be put down and I don't want that, so I'm pretty sure in order to avoid that, I would have to pay for neutering/spaying. If anyone has an ideas on this process, I would love to hear from you!!

    Thanks to AngieKay, my pigs have a very beautiful cage! Only 1 floor, but there is a good amount of constant popcorning going on in there!

    This may not be my place to do this, but I do go on craigslist Pets in my area every day and if I see someone ask a question, I'll answer them and if I see something that isn't right, I will post a remedy. If I see something that is very informative, I will repost it with the name of the OP if they gave one. The Charlotte area, as well as Raleigh and Erie, PA. Spreading good advice is a nice thing for people to do!

    Along with that craigslist stuff, I believe I have "taught" a person selling prairie dogs on craigslist. I repeatedly sent very informative emails on the species based on what I knew about them and the harm this person was causing not only to the prairie dogs, but also to their entire ecosystem. I don't know if they were ever successful in their sales, but I really hope they weren't.

    I suppose adopting Santino from that guy on craigslist was a good thing? There were several things very, very wrong, but I'll cover that another time. And on the same note, I guess "adopting" Angie's Barney was a good thing as well, since I was not only THRILLED that she trusted me enough to take him, but that I got a friend for Santino in the process! Everyone wins! YAY!

    I have talked a person out of dog fighting. We became friends last year and he grew up in a very, very bad neighborhood, surrounded by drugs and everything, so I don't fully fault him for what he did. He mentioned that he had 7 dogs and wishes he still had them because they made him a lot of money. I asked him what he meant and he said that his dogs brought in thousands because they killed the other dogs that were being fought. He told me he sold them for a grand each a few years ago. We had a very long talk about it and I told him to put himself in that dog's place and asked him if he would like it if someone forced him to fight for his life. He tried to tell me the dogs weren't forced, but...whatever. Eventually he saw my point and seemed to realize that there is NO future in dog fighting. Not only is it cruel and, at this point, I believe it's a felony?? Either way, he now has a real job and he's cleaned up so well. I'm very proud of him. I don't give myself a pat on the back for that one, though, because I think after enough time in jail (the last two times he was in jail for months, only to find out they got the wrong person) he realized that things can get better. He HATED cats, but he, too, is in love with Dora!

    Not something I did, but something my husband did. My husband, Jeremy, the guy that's terrified of small animals (teeth, tails and nails freak him out) has become the greatest guinea pig daddy ever! This is where he deserves praise for a good animal deed: Since we now have two, Jeremy decided that I needed help with play time and lap time, everything. All by himself, he picked Barney up and since that moment, I'm barely allowed to call Barney "mine". Barney is HIS boy. He cuddles him, he plays with him during play time, he always wants him on his lap. Jeremy has even been making their salads for me! So even though he's not on here, I think he needs big props for overcoming his fear of small animals, and working with me to give them the best home possible.

    Okay..I'm done now!

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    Cool Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I started a blog to promote the general cuteness and proper care of rodents!
    The title is mostly to get more views, in tumblr there are a lot of "f*** yeah" blogs (it seems this forum even censors my link, so if you want to visit fill in the blanks yourself!), so I decided to make one about rodents! Feel free to submit pictures of your own rodents or any tips, warnings, news, or opinion on the topic of rodent care!

    I also have two guinea pigs at home, Lulu and Reed, that I try to keep happy! I found Reed at Small Angels Rescue, Inc. and Lulu was found on Craigslist, from the moment they met it was like they were in love! Reed had been neglected before and thanks to the rescue was mite-free, healthy and quite plump! I have managed to slim him down by giving them the largest cage I can (3x5 grids), trying to limit his pellet intake and keep him stocked on fresh hay instead!

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    Used this site to build a cage for my 2 little piggies

    Make sure I feed my piggies the right stuff and give them plenty of hay
    trying to adopt 2 more piggies

    Found my cat...Phoebe...under a dumpster when she was 3 weeks old. her siblings were lying dead beneath her. i took her home and got her to the vet and, 10 years later she is still here.

    I donate to various shelters on a monthly basis

    I walk dogs at the local humane society

    Previously adopted 2 dogs from the humane society, 1 being night blind

    Once I used a plastic knife in my car to free a dove who had been hit by a car and whose blood had frozen into the ice and she couldn't move. She took off flying as soon as she was free.

    I feed the hay my piggies don't eat to the wild rabbits outside...

    I found a raccoon sleeping outside my back door one morning so I called a friend and we helped him vback to his home in the woods

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I`d like to start off by applauding everyone for all they do for animals. Thank you! These critters, big or small, do not have a voice and they need us to step up and speak for them!

    I`m hoping that when I have a free moment I can go through all these wonderful posts, it`s great to hear how others help out animals in their community because maybe others can gain ideas too. I love to do all I can for animals in my community.

    I`m sorry if this seems so long, but here it goes!

    I`m in school for Veterinary Technology. I`m finishing up the remaining time of my second year. I have learned so much in this program, and so much that can educate owners and improve the quality of life for animals everywhere.

    I use this ability to educate the public, and pet owners where possible and where it's appropriate. I started with my own family, and am working outwards. There are a wide variety of topics

    For post-VT education, I`d like to get into animal rehabilitation. I have already begun finding education resources to get a head start. I want to help animals, improve their quality of life. I would especially like to reach out to humane society animals and offer a service to them - not just the therapy side for medical problems/injuries but the behavioral side as well. It's going to be getting the experience that will be a challenge but it's one way I want to help animals in the future.

    I have been an employee of, and I continue to volunteer at the local Humane Society/Animal Shelter. I do not do this as much as I would like at the moment due to school and work (got to pay the bills..) but I try my best. I go in and do dog walking, grooming/nail trims, cleaning, administering medications, restraining for microchipping/vaccinations etc. cat cuddling ... or whatever tasks that need done!

    I educate about adoption and rescue and the evils of pet store purchasing. I try my darnedest not to promote pet stores that sell animals. It's been hard the last few months to find Oxbow products that do not require ordering online (I cannot afford to while I pay off large veterinary bills for an equine) but I always manage. I say, "where there's a will, there's a way." If your determined enough, more often then not you CAN boycott the stores that sell live animals (there are exceptions depending on geographical location)

    I am fighting BSL. BSL is a large problem for my area specifically. It's something I educate about, and fight against on a regular basis. I would love to post some information here on how members can help fight against BSL laws, but I want to check with a mod to make sure its appropriate content. "Punish the deed, NOT the breed!"

    I have taken "strays" in from the cold, and provided the more feral ones with a source of food. I have given medical attention where possible, and I have let animal control step in when it was beyond my control. I knew even euthanasia would be better then suffering injured/sick on the streets.

    That's all for now.
    Hopefully reading through some posts will give me more ideas on how to help animals. I like the idea by citaconnor of making a blog to educate proper care of animals. This has given me a little idea of my own, but it's one that will need some work before it's launched

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I have spent the past year researching the best possible care for guinea pigs on this site and GL before I have them. This has included bringing painting my living room forward as I don't want the fumes to harm them

    I have also spent the last year researching hammies as well

    I give money each month to the WWF

    I educate my friends and parents regularly on why adoption is a positive thing and pet shops are bad.

    I'm looking to volunteer at a shelter when I have more regular days off work (I don't like messing people around with one day this week, another day next)

    I'm looking for a job to do with animal behaviour as I'm fascinated by the subject since studying zoology in uni and I'm sure that my gps will give me hours of entertainment just by watching.

    Also, I let a cat who lives upstairs into my flat if she's waiting at the door. I don't know why she loves my flat, but she's always done it and usually leaves after about 30 mins. She tends to hear my key in the door and comes running downstairs. A wee menace she is

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    Hurray for the wonderful people on this site!

    This is what I've done!

    - Adopt now and for the future
    - Research and provide the best home possible for all my pets
    - Shop for clothing, makeup, and household products that aren't from or tested on animals
    - Am vegetarian and planning on going vegan after researching more about it
    - Am running a campaign at my school to get our cafeteria to be more vegan and or vegetarian
    - planning to volunteer in february at tranquility trail where they rescue rabbits and at the local animal shelter

    And any more things I can do!

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    ~ I work at an animal shelter.
    ~ I help sick animals find homes.
    ~ I take care of my pets and they are very spoiled.

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    Aug 25, 2007
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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    we foster dogs for a rescue..Save A Pet.
    spoil our guinea pigs and rabbits
    rabbit sit



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