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Thread: YOU - helping animals!

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    Love this thread, and reading all the wonderful things you all do-

    What I do-never enough!

    My children and I are vegetarians, me for 20 years, my children since birth(although they are old enough to choose now, and have decided, with education, to continue).

    I have adopted all of my animals. My Dalmatian I adopted 15 years ago from a local rescue, she passed away in April. Our cat, we rescued-she was one of almost 200 feral cats-she was really sick, and the property owners didn't want to pay for her to be taken care of-so we did. Our dog-a "runt" that was thrown in a shelter.

    Every month I donate $10.00 in my Dal's name, to the ASPCA. (not a lot, I know, but I try, and I have my human children to care for too!)

    We don't wear leather(very difficult in rural VT to find shoes!

    We shop at pet stores that don't carry animals.

    I point other guinea pig owners to this site.

    I joined this forum so that when we can adopt two piggies we can do it right.

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    Gosh, you all do more than me...

    -I have built my pig a C&C cage
    -I only shop at a pet store that doesn't sell animals
    -I flag craiglist breeder ads
    -I give my piggie good food, water, living space, hay and lots of veggies, and everything else he needs
    -I recommend rescues and adopting
    I plan on:
    -Becoming vegetarian
    -Donating/volunteering at a rescue/shelter
    -Adopting another pig
    -I would love to open up a rescue, but don't know if I can...

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    Dec 03, 2007
    Medford, MA (Near Boston)

    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I have educated my friends about pigs, and I have prevented my friend from breeding his 4 month old bunny.
    I have tried to refrain from buying anything from a petstore.

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    How I am helping animals...

    is how I got interested in my guinea pigs from saving an orphaned chipmunk.

    Here is the story:

    Mid Sept around 15th my hubby noticed a lone baby chipmunk while outside washing his bike getting ready for his evening ride... whereby he yelled out, "Hey look! A baby chipmunk!" (Which I took it as Yeah hubby wants attention so I ignored him). About 1/2 hr later he finished his pampering of his bike & came in & told me that the baby chipmunk is outside still.

    That got me curious & I followed him outside to investigate. He left me then to prepare for his evening ride (wanted to be home before dark). So I sat outside for a while & watch that baby chipmunk hoping that maybe the mommy chipmunk is nearby to pick it up. I decided to run a quick research on the net & voila, all kinds of info at the fingertips & the one that interest me most is the one that says "leave it alone or the mommy will not accept the baby back due to the scent left by a human if touched".

    I kept observing the chipmunk & trying to read more info. I am torn at this point of whether to rescue the baby back home for a few reasons. #1) it is getting dark. #2) we have all kinds of predator birds at our backyard while in the front yard where the baby is at, there are all kinds of cats & dogs wondering around; not to mentioned children playing at the front yard. #3) That baby is not even budging, maybe it is hurt? #4) the temperature is dropping as it is approaching night time plus the baby is shivering.

    I then saw another site that says, yes... the chipmunk mom will continue looking for its baby for a week or so plus the human scent line is false. With relief, I took the baby home.

    First, I tried to warm it in a sock (it immediately went to sleep, he is awww so cute). I had gotten ready a big card box box with a cracked opened walnuts, peanuts, chinese chestnuts & some rolled oats that I left inside with a dish of water for it while I researched some more. I thought to go to a petstore to buy a puppy's formula but the site says it is not a good formula for the baby but evaporated milk/condensed milk mixed with honey very diluted can be a replacement. I have plenty of those. Next I have to find a baby syringe (which I bought in riteaid). I went about preparing the baby formula (added a few flakes for the nut taste) while the baby chipmunk sleeps.

    I let the boiled formula cool a bit before loading the syringe up. Next, I took the still sleeping baby chipmunk in the sock & put the syringe near its mouth... the baby drank a syringe plus half more! I felt so happy that it wasn't going to starve.

    My baby was with me for a total of 3.5 days & with that I have kept checking for its mommy (left peanuts at the front yard where I found the baby chipmunk). Meanwhile baby chipmunk has gotten out of his box twice & both times we found him at the window sill facing the front yard (he is looking for his mommy too!). Well, we finally found 2 chipmunk holes close to our front step but closer to our neighbor's yard & did noticed the peanuts were either gone or just some shells laying about.

    I rejoiced & decided that I will let chipmunk go close to the burrows in the morning while everone is either at work or in school (very little human & animal activity). His tail is getting a little bushy after all & some sites recomended the time is right.

    So, with a hopeful heart... I set the baby free.

    I still leave peanuts, sunflower seeds, walnuts & chinese chestnuts out on occasion & I have seen my baby doing fine. Whether it found the burrow or not I have no idea but he comes to visit my front steps around the same time some mornings as if to just visit & say hey your milk was delicious haha) & boy is he fast!

    Well, for the sorrow of letting my baby go free, my hubby sent me links of funny chipmunk vids off youtube & after surfing some youtube vids, I came across MoMo's youtubes on Beibei, mojo & gang. I fell in love with them on sight of course.

    Did more research on-line besides youtube to get ready for my new pet pig before getting one of course & here we are today 1 month plus with my 2 adopted gals & 1 from a petstore (shame on me I know).

    I adopted (thanks for all the education youtube, guinealynx, guineacages & cavymadness) a mom & daughter pair & while getting their supplies went to a local petstore where my coconut-pudding is kept (I did not buy her at first but she did caught my eye because she seemed skinny but very lively). I came home but could not forget her, she is on my mind while I settle Yam-Yam & Bubbles into their new home (& those 2 were so well fed it is not funny). (

    I finally cave in 2 days & $40 USD later (went to the petstore again for some supplies for my piggies, saw her again & told myself if she approach me from the other end of the cage to see me on the other end, I will buy her) ... bought my blue-eyed white abby from a petstore. Waaaah!!! But all I want is to love her & fatten her up like the other two.

    I did quarantine her for 2 weeks before introducing her to the other 2, coco which at that point, is only comfortable with pellets & hay. While Yam-Yam & Bubbles love their fresh grass & carrots. Coconut pudding is quite tame actually but super shy. When them 3 get together on week 3, did that "get to know each other routine" dominance dance (wasn't as aggressive as others have described on the forum) all was quite OK.

    I think neither of them are the over bossy type. As I observed: Yam-Yam (Mom) is quite laid back, stoic, steady dependable type (so the other 2 looked up to her; daughter of course.). Bubble (daughter) is always pop-corning here & there plus wheeked the most loudly obnoxiously out of the bunch. She is a very happy & curious piggy (the clown king), made me & my hubby laugh out at her nonsense quite a bit! Coconut-pudding (coco for short) is quite shy & quite; but have been sighted to pop-corn & doing some crazy running when bubbles is doing them too! In conclusion, I think Yam-Yam has kinda sdopted Coco (find her most morning with bunking with Coco, Bubbles is almost always outside of the bed eating, wheeking at me or doing her happi crazy dance). Yam-Yam will pop-corn just out of the sudden to "show" she can do it too! But if any of those rascal gets too rambuncious, Yam-Yam will just be strutting over like to give them a scolding or have been caught tapping those 2 heads with her chin as if to say "OK behave now".

    So... those are my gals so far!

    I love, love my gals! My only boy (love him too) will have to be my independent chipmunk named peanut (munk by my hubby) & the occasional endearment of micky mouse.

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!


    My cage is an alternative C&C cage made of Homedepot's closet shelves, huge cardboard box (instead of coroplast) & fleece as bedding (love those)... totaling 2 X (3' X 3') of an 18 sq ft plus plus (not adding steps & extra second story if I need to).

    Special thanks to this great site for all my research & creative ideas of course!

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I volunteer at Pet Harmony, a one-of-a-kind pet supply store that is a solid base for Animal Compassion Network.

    At Pet Harmony, we have dogs up for adoption in the back, and cats up for adoption off to the side in the front. All (absolutely every single 100% cent) proceeds from sales of the items go back to ACN and the store/adoption center combo.

    We have a strict 3 step adoption-screening process, which means, obviously, that more people can get turned down than can be approved. We do multiple home-inspections as part of that process, too.

    As for my part, I am an animal care volunteer. I do anything from walking the dogs and playing with the cats, to laundry and dishwasher maintenance (we always have to keep a cycle going because there is hardly ever nothing to be washed or dryed ). So basically, I do a wide range of things there.

    My family is a member of the Humane Society of the United States, and of the ASPCA. Also at Pet Harmony, I donate cat and dog food that my own cat and dog have not finished when I switch them over to another kind.

    Although we don't really have any room for guinea pigs to be a part of our rescue clan indoors where piggies need to be, I plan on suggesting the idea to them this weekend, the next time I'll be going there.

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I'm a vegetarian and limit my intake of diary/eggs (I don't eat them unless they're in the ingredients of something, ie cake).

    Most of my animals are rescues/adoptees/ex strays

    I've helped "wild animals''

    I dont kill any animals (except mosquitoes and fruit flies)

    I take good care of all my pets

    ANd Probably alot more things I'm not thinking of..

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    Cavy Slave
    Nov 03, 2007
    colonial beach virgina

    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I am the animal Brain at school. My freind called me about her freinds cat who wasn't spayed, and wanted me to put an add for her on freecycle... I quickly got her freind on the phone, and gave her a very stern talk.

    Basicaly i told her that one of the main reasons she is peeing and being a wild cat is because she is A. Unuetered B. They aren't giveing her a chance. Well guess what? They are getting her spayed ether this tuesday or it was last tuesday. I need to call and check up on them.

    I also get flocks of people that ask me about a guinea pig that has lost it's pal, or about a dog chewing things up. :sigh: I acualy have that issue, and well more walks, and a large dog crate for a 30 pound dog for when my mom leaves in the afternoon helped.

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    Dec 27, 2007
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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I am a vegetarian (not so for the rest of my family but they don't eat much meat)

    Every animal we have had was either a stray, shelter (he was free, from a high kill shelter) or was posted for free in the newspaper and one was given to us by a friend because she couldn't keep it any longer.

    I am in the process of trying to let my parents let me volunteer at a rescue or shelter, as well as find a rescue or shelter that will let me volunteer (I'm too young to for most)

    We don't shop at petstores that sell animals

    I would try to stop people I see buying the crappiest food for there pets, but my mom would kill me if I did (she is very polite). Believe me, when I go shopping when I'm older I will.

    So far on another forum I have gotten about 10 people to switch there pet from an awful food to the better ones.

    I only use vegan products (minus hand soap since I haven't gotten my mom to yet) and am working on the rest of my family to.

    I feed the birds in our yard and not the bad stuff with additives and chemicals.

    We garden without pesticides and fertilizers.

    Take very good care of our animals, proper diet was researched and is fed.
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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    Ive thought of some more:

    -I educate people on animals online and in real life.
    -When my dad mows we save the toads/lizards in the path of the mower.
    -I take up for animals that people are bashing and discriminating against.

    I feed the birds in our yard and not the bad stuff with additives and chemicals.

    We garden without pesticides and fertilizers

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    The things that I do are
    - I built a C&C cage
    - I'm waiting to get my pigs from a rescue
    - I have reported one really bad pet store to the humane society
    - I talk about my beliefs with my friends and hope they will learn a thing or two
    - I'm planning to start volunteering at a wildlife rehabilitation center
    - I was a vegetarian but I had to stop for medical reasons I plan on becoming one again as soon as possible

    I think that is it, I wish I could do more. Animals don't have enough rights!

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I must admit, I've done nothing huge or extraodinary, but I make sure they are well fed, cleaned up, cozy and warm and have regular pet visits. I try to make sure my babes have all they need. I would love to be a vet but my poor heart would break. I plan on doing more to help animals once we have our own bigger place (our landlord said no big pet like dog,cats, ect). I want to adopt and rescue way more animals of all kinds. It's my dream to have a big animal family .

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    i am new to this forum and this is a wonderful thead and have enjoyed reading the re ponces .

    now what have I done for animals ?

    # my mother and I run a bird shelter for unwanted ,injured,sick,abused, birds
    we have 45 different parrots from budgie to cockatoo and 10 special care parrots . 18 mixed pigeons,14 mixed doves ,12 ducks ,3 chickens we don't only get in birds we get all sorts of animals I have victor a water dragon with a smashed jaw he had been beaten with a golf club victor can never be free his jaw alignment makes it difficult to eat ( pre-made pelleted food,mince , veggies and fruit). We also have saved 2 goldfish from a drying pond and a baby field mouse ( my 14 year old daughter hand feed from 1 week old very tame now 2 moths old ) 4 jap quails and 2 button quails saved from death the previous owners took a runner leaving them behind. and now I have adopted a baby piggies I have always had piggies all my life my last companion I loved dearly was Shilar he was 7 years old when he passed he was a tri color boar that was dumped outside of our loacal park loo he was only a baby in a cardboard box so I took him home and he became my pet ,confident,and best friend he loved his cuddles and when he passed this pass October I have felt lost he will never be forgotten.

    # I donate to the RSPCA,WWF,AWL, every month and give what supllies i can give.

    # I am a compleate vegan

    # I work 3 days a week in my local shelter AWL

    # I rescue ,rebilatate ,release wildlife been injered

    # I made my piggie 3 big cages to live in ( bed cage,play cage, lawn run) play cage is a C & C cage 2 X4 .

    I that it thanks for reading my rant .

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    Jun 14, 2008

    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    In another thread I was told that all I was doing was helping to kill thousands of animals and increase to the overpopulation, because I support the very few truly reputable breeders that do exist in this world.
    < >

    Yet, these individuals do not know me. They do not know what I have done in the past or what I do now. So here is where I am going to remind them.
    Now maybe that they know me and what I am doing for the animals, I can get a little more respect and be calling something other then a murder.

    1. I found this site. I tolerated some of the unfriendly replies without complaint, and I learned and I corrected my mistakes. From here and Guinealynx I learned every darn thing I can for cavies and small animals - and I plan to keep learning and keep testnig my knowledge.

    2. I educate. I educate about breeding, I educate about horse slaughter. I educated about a variety of different species. The over population, the truly responsible breeder. I encourage adoption.

    3. I am trying to change things for the animals. Not only do I educate, but I am trying to rid of this irrisponsible breeding that gives breeders these bad names. This means the support of shelters, vets, the community AND those truly responsible breeders who want to see things change and improve for the animals. Maybe some day I can take it to a higher level vs. just local. I am still working out the flaws of my ideas, but one step at a time.

    4. I am a first year Veterinary Technology student working my rear end off. I am learning all I can. I am going to improve the quality of many many lives.

    5. I am active in my community. When I can I voluenteer for events with the shelters. I bath, groom, walk and care for animals at the rescue located in my current city of residence. I do rounds. I have classes at the humane society where I do just about everything (PE, vaccines etc.)
    I am going the 09 Strut for Strays. I am active facebook group for no-kill shelters and education. I dontate and I work hard.

    6. I have had a compassion for animals since I could walk. Never once did a stray be left out in the cold or go without medical attention on my watch. They may not have been perminant keepers, but they got my help in one way or another. I let no animal go without proper care or medical attention.

    So for those who want to tell me I contribute to the problem, or that I don't know shelters/rescues. You better know me first before you say that, because things like that do get on my nerves because its highly uncalled for.
    I'm not animal rights - I'm animal welfare. I speak FOR the animals and do what I can to improve that situation. I am trying, and I am working. There is a more detailed post with my pasts attempts at helping animals - but this IS my current doings and I do not tolerate such comments of I am contributing to the overpopulation and killing animals.

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    Jan 17, 2009
    Maryland (USA)

    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I really love this post ! I read almost all of the 5 pages ! It's really great what people do for their animals. (and not only theirs...)
    To help animals, I curently :
    -Have my 2 girls in a C&C alternative
    -Feed them the Oxbow pellets (much better than nutriphase...) and veggies (lettuce, green beans etc.) and of course, tons of hay !
    -I never stepped into Petno and I am never EVER going back to Petstupid.
    -I tell people to adopt and to not support breeders.
    -And probabbly more but can't think of it right now...

    What I will do in the future to help animals :
    -I will soon be fostering a pair of guinea pigs
    -I will adopt all my future piggies (and other animals)
    -I am planning on getting my piggies to be in at least a 2 by 4
    -I will become a cavvy savy vet to help piggies
    -I am saving my money to give tons of stuff to a local shelters (beds, food, cat litter, toys etc.)

    And that's all I can think of right now !

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I am very new to the world of guinea pigs but now that I have found this site I find myself to be very enthusiastic about them. I am already telling other people, most often strangers, who are looking for guinea pigs about this site. I am adopting two poor guinea pigs off craigslist who are not in a very good situation right now. They will be coming home with me and going into a 2 x 4 C&C right away. I find I can't read enough information about them and I am determined to be the best guinea pig owner possible. All the while I will share the information I gleen with anyone that I can. Also I help other helpless animals any chance I can, even though I rent and often can't keep them. I recently helped a abandoned dog on our road find her way to a no-kill shelter. It's not much but I do what I can.

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    Became a veggie, over 6 years ago.
    Persuaded 3 friends to turn veggie (Although quit after about a year)
    Convinced family to spend a little more, and only buy themselves free range eggs and meat.
    Volunteer at shelter every 2 weeks (which cost me 15 pounds to travel too!)
    Adopted all pets, except dog who I got because owners were going to drown her because shes blind and has some internal problems. I saved her, and she cost us so much in vet bills, and we cant move furniture around and things because of her. But im so glad we took her!
    I walk my elderly neighbors dog, because he can't and the dog is a very energetic lab!
    Donate as much money, old cages, blankets and stuff as possible.
    Oh, and if I see a homeless person with a dog, I always give a little bit more money hoping that they will buy dog food. (I always give homeless people as much change as I can spare) I also put out food for birds, the squirrel that lives in my garden, and feed neighbors horse.
    Also theres a cat down the road from me which I keep an eye on because her owners will just go on holiday or away for a few days and just leave her. I always feed her when their car isnt there, and I spoken to them a few times about it.
    I've also phoned the RSPCA twice because I saw animals not being looked after well.

    Most of all though, just look after my pets the best I can!

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    Cavy Slave
    May 20, 2009
    Eastern North Carolina

    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I have within the last year:

    Adopted/Rescued 3 male guinea pigs, 2 male cats, 2 female gerbils, 2 male gerbils, and 1 male beta!

    If only my husband would let me bring a doggie home! That would make me more happy too!

    I try to donate when I have the extra money also.

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    Aug 16, 2009
    Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire

    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    Great thread,

    I have adopted ALL my animals from rescue centres/ dealers etc:

    These include:

    2 horses,

    1 dog,

    2 Guineas pigs, added to the collection today!

    I have adopted and rehoused other animals, once climbed a very big tree to unattach a magpie that had been caught in baling twine.

    Feed wild birds and squirrels in my garden Always have fresh water at ground level and in raised birdbath in the garden.

    Take my children to wildlife clubs to educate them.

    Donate when possible.

    Sign petitions and pass on info on line, used to have an ebay wildlife group that passed around information about many needy animals, maybe the most successful Maggie the elephant who was rehoused from a zoo in Canada to a wildlife park in USA

    Plan to help many more animals!

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    Ive just started an open rescue...We have taken in 4 neglected boars in dirty conditions in a cage far too small for them and living in filth!. 1 will be staying with us and is paired up with a serverly underweight boar we rescued. Both are doing well. Two have been rehomed to a lovely family today. 1 of the four does not like other piggys, he has a cage all to himself but surrounded by other piggys and he loves it! 3 days ago we collected an abandoned bunny who was in a really bad state. His teeth had grown around his mouth and he couldnt eat or drink. He has had his teeth cut but will continue to grow wrong. So he will probably be a perm resident with us <3
    He is thriving now.

    Currently homing 6 piggys and 1 bunnie.
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