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Thread: YOU - helping animals!

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    My ex-girlfriend's mother is a back yard breeder. I helped my ex see the bad ways of this.

    Our first pig was from her mother. Our second and third were from stores.

    After that we broke up and in time, I helped her see the error of that, as the next 4 I took in were all rescues and rehomes.

    My later wife and I started visiting the local Humane Soc and picked up a second girl for my ex's first to have as a friend. A few weeks later, they still had one from the same batch who we had to 'rescue' from the Humane Soc, as they really didn't know how to take care of him and he had curled nails and ultimately mites, which is why he screamed and no one wanted him.

    the final 2 were lethals that were going to be put to sleep so the vet called me knowing I had a few. I was more than willing with my wife to do that.

    We found a great home for the lethals with a family. The screamer ultimately went back to the humane soc when we were moving, so that he could find a new home, but he was in MUCH better health. THe two girls went over to the ex girlfriend now that she has corrected her behaviors.

    During my time with the Cavy Collective while living in Daytona, I was active with the local humane soc's Thrift shop, repairing computers and also taking high dollar items donated and selling them on eBay for them. Directly helping them make several thousand dollars off of these types of things.

    Here in Virginia, now that I work at Target, I set up our store's program to take any defective pet items or damaged package food items to the local SPCA. Every bit helps.

    John M> yeah, it's been a while since I was here huh!

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    *am a vegetarian
    *I quit buying anything from McDonald's or KFC
    *I don't eat milk products
    *I put the PETA web banner on my website.
    *I gave a link to on my website
    *I am going to donate to this site soon.
    *I am adopting from a shelter next month
    *I e-mail everyone I know the bad things about PetSmart
    *I stopped shopping at PetSmart
    *I wrote a letter to PetSmart via e-mail
    *I wrote a letter to the PetSmart in our area telling them how I REALLY feel.
    *I give Peanut floor time for 4 hours a day
    *My chickens are let out of the pen from morning till dark
    *I did most of the missions on PETA Kids
    *I don't eat eggs, even from my own chickens
    *I tell everyone at school how much better it feels to be vegetarian
    *Every time someone acts shocked when I tell them I don't eat meat, I give them a note that says, "Go on youtube and type in Meet Your Meat"
    *I tell everyone that supports PetSmart that it is very bad, describe a few of the worst things that they do and write down on a piece of paper to go onto Youtube and watch Petsmart's Dirty Little Secret and give it to them.
    *I give everyone who asks a question on Yahoo Answers the link to this forum, Guinea Lynx, and Pigloo.
    *I correct the people who are wrong on Yahoo Answers
    *I study all small animals to make sure that I know what I am talking about when I answer a question.
    * I only shop for my pets at a local feed store that DOESN'T sell animals, and everyone there loves them.
    *I make sure Peanut gets everything he needs
    *Everytime Peanut is in desperate need of something, I bug my mom until she sees my way (she knows nothing about guinea pigs).

    I felt really uncomfortable typing that. I feel like I am bragging about myself.

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    -I adopted two beatiful GP
    -I'm not old enough to volinteer at a shelter but I do donate
    -I give my piggies the best that they diserve!
    -I come to the forum every day to find new ways for better care.

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    So far in this life I have...

    -Adopted/Rescued 3 guinea pigs
    -Help out at petsmart adoption days for a shelter (of which i am personally responsible for several dog adoptions!)
    -donate to WWF
    -dont purchase animals from petstores (except fish)
    -I always research any pet i am contemplating
    -always convince those thinking of getting an animal to adopt and try to help them find the best choice

    In a couple years when I can I will be adopting and fostering dogs, adopting piggies, and volunteering at a pet rescue.

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    Thanks Salana. After reading this post I realized how much I really want to get involved in my community. Helping people and animals. Your post inspired me to look around town and see what sorts of volunteering opportunities might be available.

    As far as what types of things I've done:
    -I've rescued all of my animals from a shelter or rescue (1 dog, 3 piggies)
    1 of my cats was from a friend's litter. our second was from where we boarded our first. One of the cats had a litter and the babies needed new homes.
    -I've spent countless hours building and rebuilding my CC cage so that it is "just-so" and perfect for my piggies.
    - I've researched and looked for the right type of food for my piggies
    -When I am at home I try to take my dog for 1 or 2 walks daily.
    - We also take her to obedience class and doggy daycare
    -I try not to buy things from pet stores that sell animals.
    - I am a vegetarian
    - I also try to go green and I am a recycling freak

    I also love all of my animals with a passion that I'm sure only animal lovers can understand.

    And I just want to tell everyone great job for everything that they do for animals. I know sometimes I feel like I am not making a difference but to come here and read this post makes me really feel that people can and ARE making a difference in our world, and that there really are people out there that care.

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I know that I just posted here. But I feel so good about what I did that I wanted to share. For a few days now I had been feeling guilty watching little Zoe run her laps in her 2x3 cage. (I have 2 piggies) It literally kept me up at night. So today I figured out a way to make them a 2x4. I have a little less space but hopefully she will have much more room to run around in.

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    It's 7 am and I've been on this site all night, but here are the things I could come up with that I've done (hopefully) to help.

    -Found this site and began taking the proper steps to take above and beyond care of my guineas.

    -I tend to randomly butt into peoples conversations about animals if they're talking about incorrect information and inform them of the correct information. It gets particularly akward when you're in the middle of the pet aisle...and you interupt the sales person to give the correct information.

    -I have a friend that is thinking about getting a companion for her cat and I keep urging her to adopt one rather than buying a new one.

    -I'm building a bigger cage for my guinea, but until then I'm trying to make what I have as comfortable as possible for her, including switching to fleece which she loves (she even sprawled out and layed on it!). And I'm also trying to find a way to get her floor time in such a manner that's not going to cost me a fortune and that my grandparents won't freak about.

    -I go hold and pet the animals in pet stores. It might sound stupid but I feel so bad for them and it helps my soul as much as I'd like to think it helps them.

    -All pets are going to be rescues from now on and I'd like to start finding ways of urging other people to adopt. I've thought about a few flyer ideas, but I'm too tired right now to form anything concrete in my head.

    -Am going tomorrow to put in an application to volunteer at ARF (animal rescue foundation) in my hometown.

    -Talked to my aunt about the true care needed for a guinea pig. After my cousin held my guinea pig he told his mom he wanted one for his birthday instead of a guitar and I told her how hard it can truly be and I want to have a talk with her next time just to let her know all the other things I've learned about their care.

    -I'm constantly on these websites looking up more and more information on ways to take better care of my guinea pigs. It's like I've become addicted to learning all about them. I am new to cavies but I'm constantly learning about them and am getting increasingly motivated to do more for animals rights.

    -I am looking into either buying my supplies online or going to a store here in town that at least has the pellets I need and I'm looking for a feed store somewhere relatively close.

    -My hamster was at Meijers and the poor little guy was buried in the chips away from everyone else and was on sale for 50% off so I got him took him home into a good cage and my grandparents talk to him. Everybody swears up and down he looks more rat than hamster and people have been speculating that he's a secret cross between hamster and rat. Then when he gnawed his top teeth almost gone on the metal bars of his cage I went out and bought him the only cage I could find that didn't have anything for him to chew on cause I was afraid he was going to gnaw his teeth away and not be able to eat..and then die.

    -Am now going to post the link to the PetSmart's Dirt little secret video everywhere I can.

    And now...I'm exhausted...and I think I'll go to bed.

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I hand out flyers and I always give my piggies what they need.....Im going to see if I can volenteer at my local animal shelter......(pardon my spelling, LOL)

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I have rescued all my pets my whole adult life, from mice, hamsters, rats, cats and one dog. I loved them all and miss them dearly, especially my dog Rusty, who died April/08.

    I took on two guinea pig sows and have used this site daily for all the wonderful information people are so willing to give of their time to share.

    I got encouraged to build a C & C cage for them and though I started out with one piggy, I was soon encouraged to make it a twosome!

    Thanks to everyone who shares their precious time for us newbies to guinea pigs. Mine are starting to tame up to us and we are having a ball watching them enjoy life in their C & C cage together.

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    -I adopted 3 adorable guinea pig(baby, Goldie, and Molly
    -I built them a huge c&c cage(3/4, and a 2/4 upper level)
    -I give them there leafy greens daily(1/2 a cup per pig along with a little fruit)
    -take them to the vet when needed
    -give them 3 hours of of free range time(divided 1hour in the morning, 1hour in the after noon and 1hour at night before bed time)
    -I donate tons of stuff to the animal shelter
    -I no longer buy supplies from pet stores that sell animals
    -Have my GP on the best pellets(oxbow)
    -I give my piggies a heap of love

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    *I made a 2x4 cage using grids for my little piggy.
    *I'm adopting another little girl soon.
    *I became a vegetarian.
    *I volunteer as much as I can at our local shelter.
    *I might be giving some pet rats at my local shelter a new home.
    *I don't buy from pet stores anymore.
    *I help strays that stay around the house and feed them.
    *I would absolutely love to open a small animal rescue one of these days (I suppose I'll have to wait till I'm older :P).
    *I opt to adopt.

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    Oh, man...let's see....

    * Put in over 10yrs of animal rescue, which I don't foster like I used to, but am still in the loop of contacts for the most part.
    * During my time of fostering, I preferred the challenging animals, whether they were medically or behaviorally challenged.
    * Put in a lot of time rehabilitating and then rehoming many different animals.
    * Every animal that has ever come inside our home has always been properly vetted and cared for.
    * Our GPs, one of our Shelties, and one of our Miniature Schnauzers are rescues/ones not wanted by previous owners.
    * I rescued a chipmunk not too long ago from a cat in our yard and got it to the vet for care and release.
    * We have taken in stray cats that have been hit by cars, and gotten them healed up, then adopted.
    * We donate to our local animal shelter and the ASPCA when finances allow, even if it's just a small amount, because every little bit helps.
    * I have transported animals for rescue.
    * I have pulled, I don't even know how many, animals out of the shelters over the years to give them a chance to finally be adopted in the home they have always deserved.
    * Even when I was a child, my parents, brother, and I would help the stray animals in the neighborhood.
    * I spend a lot of time educating people on proper care of their pets.
    * I try to educate people on rescues and shelters, so they will adopt instead of buy.
    * I'm almost always available to friends, family, and acquaintances when it comes to animal issues/problems.
    * Our current dogs are up to date on vaccines, microchipped, on heartworm prevention, flea/tick prevention, good quality food, and given lots of loving, as well as training and grooming.
    * Our Guinea Pigs have a large C & C cage that we built. It's a 3 X 4 on the bottom level and a 3 X 2 on the top. (We have three GPs, but one is in quarantine right now)
    * Last, but definitely not least, we are teaching our daughter to respect and love the animals like we do.

    (Note: The term animals is used throughout, since we've done rescue for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and small animals)

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    Jun 14, 2008

    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    Well... in the past I couldn't do as much as I wanted to, due to parents.

    - I've found this site, to improve the quality of care for my GP, as well I'm always learning new things to help me with my own, and other animals in general.

    - I've reeducated people about backyard breeding. I'm working with an orginization, internationally, to reeducate people about backyard breeding in horses (because slaughter is a big problem) but as well with small animals such as dogs, cats etc.

    - I do try help some local equine rescues, and adoption programs find homes for their guys. I may not be able to foster or adopt at this time, but I can help spread the word.

    - I've done some rescues/donated to local rescues as I can
    My favorite little guy, a grey tabby kitten was the one who dedicated me to wanting to rescue and save animals. Sadly, he didn't make it (very severe and horrifying injuries) but he was a trooper all the way.

    - I'm going to school for Veterinary Technology. I want nothing more then to save animals and educate people. I can see it now, bringing home little critters from the shelter (the students assist in the spay/neuters). I also wish to do rescues (equine and small animal) when its possible for me in the future, and if for financial reasons thats not possible, then definatly fostering!!

    - I'm dedicating the rest of my summer to helping out the local rescues, and even Veterinary clinics as needed. Funding/donating is not possible for me at this time due to my financial situation.

    - I prefer working with the challanging "problem" horses. Those deemed "dangerous." My own horse being one of those "crazy" animals, and while yes he can have his moments, I wouldn't trade him for the world.
    There was another that I really wish I could have taken on. A 95% blind Thoroughbred mare, she was severly neglected and abused. Deemed dangerous due to only being able to see shadow-ish things, she was owned by a family friend who surrendered her to a rescue because she's a truck driver and boarding barns were neglecting her care... If she's not adopted out by the time I can afford a second horse, I'm promising her a perminant loving home.

    - All of my animals current (horse, dog, chinnie, cavy) and past, recieve nothing but the best. They get excellent care, and proper veterinary attention as needed. Quality foods, utd vaccines/heartworm prevention/flea/tick prevention/deworming, lots of love and great care, and lots of attention, regularly groomed, exercised and lots of work on training (training for the horses never ends).

    - I spent the last month dedicating myself to bringing my cavy back to health. I dedicated myself to doing whatever it took to being her back to health, no matter how much the vet bills. Many hours of sleep lost, lots of patients and arguing with parents. She'll be going back into the vet's for a checkup to be sure the URI has cleared up but she seems in good health now (very lively).
    ** I'm also researching into building her a C&C cage AND once re-evaulating my finances I can see about adopting her a cage mate.

    - I'm still educating myself on rescues/shelters and why not to buy from a petstore. Its been horrifying and I want to educate people..

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I don't do a lot but...

    -I have adopted some animals in the past (both of my dogs, one pig, a couple degus, a frog) and from now on I plan on adopting only

    -I am a pescetarian

    -I give my animals the best of care and lots of attention

    -I try to educate people on animal care and adoption

    -Though I'm not as good as I should be, I try to buy products that are not tested on animals

    -I trim a couple of my friends' pigs' nails for them regularly to keep the pigs more comfortable

    -I spend countless hours researching my animals' care to provide them with what they need

    -I spend hours researching animal cruelty issues (animal testing, meat industry, horse slaughter, etc)

    -I buy the majority by far of my pet products at stores that don't sell animals

    -Sometimes donate to SPCA

    -Have volunteered at SPCA/Humane Society in the past

    That's all I can think of right now, more may come to me.
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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    *Not quite a veggie, but will only eat free range/organic eggs/chicken and nothing with animal by-products ie carmines, gelatine etc

    *Avoid products tested on animals wherever possible

    *Answer Help emails on a GP rehoming site in the UK about rehoming up and down the country

    *All my piggies are, always have been, and always will be rescues/rehomed

    *Recently taken on two unwanted pigs that were being advertised on eBay who had been fighting badly with open wounds and fungal and hope to rehome them to a thoroughly vetted home when they are back to full health

    *Provide the very best food, hay and welfare I can for my boars

    *Take on single boars who are difficult to rehome (I only have boys)

    *Ask awkward questions and embarass my husband in pet stores about their often poor welfare standards and lobby pet stores in writing on their attitudes to animal welfare ie, as why they keep piggies with rabbits/sell live animals etc (but I'm never rude!)

    *Support non live animal pet stores and avoid ones that do sell animals

    *Occasionally help with rescue runs UK wide

    *Try to educate wherever I can about the importance of a good guinea savvy vet/rescue and rehoming/pet trade/backyard breeding/showing etc

    *Regularly donate and support UK GP Rescues

    *Moderate on a pro-rescue forum

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I adopted 2 guinea pigs and then rescued 2 more.

    Found this site and immediatly put plans together to build them a C&C cage.

    Educated myself on how to properly care for the guinea pigs, and admit I don't know everything and am open to further education.

    Have rescued and adopted out a 1 year old male boar and helped rescue and adopt out 2 young female sisters as well.

    Work as a veterinary tech in a hospital that cares for and treats abused animals of any kind from the local humane society.

    Have rescued over 150 dogs and 200 cats and found them permanent homes in the past 8 years.

    Am owned by 2 canine parvo survivors whose original owners never came back for them after they survived treatment.

    Spend my entire day caring for sick and injured animals as my job.

    Have educated family, friends and the gernal public as much as I can on proper animal care and the commitment that is expected of them before they ever bring their new pet home.

    Am available for help with any animal I have previously adopted out.

    Have shown my 2 year old human child how to properly treat, care for and be around animals. Something that hopefully she will carry on and teach her own children someday.

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    Hi, I've adopted my piggies, Spazz, Spudd, Boogie and now hamster Binky. I love them all. Binky is a challenge for me. He is an escape artist of major proportions. He is so smart. Don't know much about hamsters, but I am learning, and will do my best to take good care of him as well as my boys. I took him because previous owner was contemplating killing him, either by flushing him down a toilet or other means. My limit was going to be me and my piggies. I could not let Binky die. As I type this message, I cry, I cry for knowing Binky came close to death, and I cry for this world, where too many people consider it okay to dispose of animals any inhumane way they see fit.
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    Jun 14, 2008

    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    * I'm getting an education in Veterinary Technology, I worked hard to get into the best Vet Tech program in the province.

    * I have plans to further my education as a Veterinarian

    * I found this site and immediatly made plans for C&C cages

    * I have properly educated myself on how to care for animals such as hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, equines, dogs, cats, rats & mice and looking to learn about rabbies/gerbils/sugar gliders and many others as welll as further the knowledge I do have as much as I can, that's why I love this site.

    * I spent a lot of my college tution money on trying to save my GP's life (had to take a student loan)

    * I educate on BYB and breeding mills (and the real cause of slaughter in the case of equines)

    * I have done some animal rescue - as well as helping some rescues. My last animal rescue was a grey tabby kitten I found hiding under a bush with some very serious wounds (too horrifying and inappropriate to discuss...) he did not make it though, but we tried. Despite being so injured, he was so kind and loving and such a trooper. A search for an owner failed... so we think he was a stray (lots of them around that mate).

    * After college I plan to rescue and home as many pigs as I can afford!

    * I would love to open up a small animal rescue and/or a store that sells quality products and EDUCATES people! ... IF both, a certain percentage from prodcuts would go to helping more animals in need. Hm I need to think further on this one

    * I love helping out the local strays, providing quality food, shelter if need be, medical attention if it can be given etc. there is also a lady locally who catches and homes them where she can (mostly kittens) and has adults fixed so they cannot add to the overpopulation. I love helping her when I can.

    * I treat every animal as if it was my own.
    That means when I see someone elses animal in trouble, I don't turn away but do everything I possibly can and educate owners in a polite manner. From small animals to large, they all deserve it. Many times I have done first aid for animals (horses mostly) that were not my own, and I treat them all with noting but kidness and respect.

    There is so much more but work calls!

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I don't do nearly as much as I should, but I do try...
    -I adopted two of my four pigs
    -I made all of them a C&C cage
    -I volunteer at a local equine rescue and a small animal one
    -I helped my riding instructor rescue a thoroughbred mare, Ginia, off the track
    -I donate whenever I can to SPCA
    -I am looking into fostering guinea pigs
    -Almost a vegetarian (no red meat, nothing except chicken or turkey, really)

    I should do more. But for now I'm just glad I can help in some way.
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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I am really eager to be able to use the "thanks" feature, so that I can give major kudos to everyone helping out the animals. Some things I do to help animals:

    -None of my cavies (or cats or dogs) came from a breeder or pet store. They were all taken in as strays, abandoned animals, rescues and adoptees.

    -I no longer purchase supplies from pet stores.

    -My cavies have always had a more than adequately sized cage, appropriate amounts of fresh fruits and veggies, unlimited hay, clean water and the proper amount of pellets.

    -I recently switched to Oxbow after learning about the junk they put in other pellets.

    -My sister and I used to place flyers on the windshields of cars when people had left their animals in them to do their shopping. The flyers listed all of the dangers of leaving an animal unattended in a vehicle.

    -All of my cats and dogs are spayed/neutered and vetted yearly.

    -I donate to various, reputable animal activism organizations.

    -I spread the word online about the severe repercussions of purchasing animals from pet stores and/or breeders. Many times my words fall on deaf ears, but I'm always trying to plant those seeds. If it keeps even one pet from being substituted with another one from a breeding farm or backyard breeder and instead adopted from a rescue or shelter, then an animal has benefitted.

    -Five years ago my sister and I reported a small mom and pop pet store in our town, where animals for sale were kept in deplorable conditions. It took several e-mails, letters and phone calls but they were eventually shut down about three years ago.



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