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Thread: YOU - helping animals!

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    Cavy Slave
    Oct 29, 2007
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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    My husband and I foster cats for a cat rescue. At present, we have 16 fosters and 4 cats of our own. We buy all of their food, litter, etc. We pay for as much of the vet bills as we can. My husband will wake up every 3 hours to bottlefeed kittens if necessary.

    We feed all of our kitties Solid Gold. It's not the best food that's out there, but it ranks. Our rescue feeds Science Diet and we used to feed it to the fosters that had crates, but eh. After comparing one black kitten on Science Diet to the other three black cats in my house who eat Solid Gold- kitten had dull fur, but we finally made the change a few weeks ago.

    We have three dogs, all rescues, and a foster dog. We rescue dogs off the street sometimes and find them good homes. I've found homes for two males in the last few years and at present have a 10+ year old pit mix who's completely deaf, partially blind, and arthritic. We're trying to find her a new home, but in reality, she probably only has a few good months of life left in her so we'll give her all the love we can until putting her down is the humane thing. We did not take her to the pound when we found her wandering at dark because we wanted her to have a chance at life, not death.

    All of my cockatiels are rescues, as well. They all came from bad homes who were bored of them or ignored them.

    My husband and I also rescue snakes and reptiles as needed.

    My guinea pigs are pretty much rescues. One was abandoned at a pet store (so the pet store took care of him then gave him away for free to my sister), and the other was got from a hoarder who had to get rid of her pigs. A day after getting the first pig, I had found this site & learned a ton to give them the best life possible.

    We're young, and we hope to start a german shepherd rescue someday.

    But I think the best thing we do is let the neighbor kids come over and play with and help take care of the critters. Both have decided they want to be vets someday and now do everything they can to help animals.

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    Well I try to help in my own small way. I rescue guinea pigs when I have the space available, I donate to this site, I hand out flyers at stores, parking lots and place them in books at the library about guinea pigs. I also provide flyers for free to my vet anytime they request them. these are the main things I do. I have also wrote and had a City Ordinance passed that said it is now illegal for people to give away pets as prizes at the local fair and festivals we have. And I try to be helpful on here when I can.

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    Today, I put papers that I printed out in the bathroom at school about some types of cruelty. They were about animal testing and animals as food. I will do more. I hope people saw them.

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I have always been an animal lover and knew from a young age I wanted to work with animals. I went to uni and got my HND then BSc honours degree in Animal Management to give me the background knowledge and experience I would need to help animals.

    I have done a little voluntary work for a local rescue

    I work with animals, doing all I can to improve animal welfare.

    I am very big on campaigning. I have lost count of all the letters and emails I have sent, to breeders, website owners, pet stores, governments etc. I have camapigned for better laws to protect animals and harsher penalties, issues like tail docking, shock collars, BSL, licencing breeders and owners, microchipping, health testing, minimum cage sizes, environmental issues, whaling, seal culling etc.

    I have told people about rescuing rather buying, not breeding, proper care, humane training etc. Everyone I know now knows the facts on these issues (whether they wanted to or not!)
    I also seem to spend far too much time on yahoo answers, trying to be a lonely voice of reason and compassion amidst all the morons asking stupid questions and giving horrendous advice. I've directed a lot of people here and to other good websites.

    I've converted a few people to buying organic or free range animal products, plus animal/environmentally friendly stuff.

    As for my own GPs - they live indoors in a 2x5 c+c, on fleece, and eat Oxbow pellets and hay plus plenty of good veggies from Ly's chart (Thanks Ly!) They are both adopted obviously.

    I previously adopted 9 mice although sadly they have all passed away now. My dog was from a breeder (many years ago) but I won't be making that mistake again. But she is well looked after (costing us a small fortune in vets bills), microchipped, neutered and insured.

    I am happy to donate to any animal or environmental charity who's goals and policies I agree with. At the moment I support the RSPCA and RSPB, and all my spare change goes into the Wood Green collection pot every week. I'm considering WWF when I have a bit more cash.

    Think that's about it - I don't claim to be a saint but its a start.

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    For my birthday I am getting a 2 by 4 for my two boys.
    I, since finding this site with my petstore piggy Chex, have not only taken proper care of him, but I went out and adpoted a piggy from my local SPCA.
    I save mice everywhere! I have saved two, one abandoned by its mommy, with his brother, who we were to late for. He lived for a while, then escaoed and too this day lives in a horse blanket in my tack room.
    And another who I saved and lived for one night.
    I have an adopted cat and dog.
    I am a vegetarian.
    Most of my other animals I got becuase people could no longer care for them, like my bunnies, and my turtle, and my fish tank.
    Thats all I can think of right now, but thsi sote has changed the way I look ayt Guinea Pigs, they get salad everynight, cozies, and lota more thanks to the wonderful people here! Thank You!

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I put these three in the bathroom today:


    Actually, instead of the egg one, I used this one:

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I think this is a great thread and I would like to thank everyone here for their hard work and dedication to improving the lives of animals. Some of the things I do to help is donate to local shelters and rescues, I foster Guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, chinchillas, and other small animals. I also adopted/rescued all my pets. I have traveled as far as Canada to adopt Guinea pigs and ratties. I avoid supporting pet stores and buy my supplies from feed stores or online. I educate people on the importance of adoption vs. buying from petstores. I do not breed any animal, there are way too many animals in need of homes and I refuse to add to the over population problem. All my animals adopted, fosters or rescues get the same love and respect they deserve.

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    Mar 07, 2005
    Tucson, Az

    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I have rescued animals all of my life.
    I belong to Cavy Cages since March of 2005. I have all of my GP's and rabbits in C&C cages. I tell everyone that has any contact with a GP or rabbit of CC GLynx.
    I donate monthly to Cavy Cages.
    I belong and donate to PETA
    I belong and donate to Best Friends Animal Shelter.
    I belong to and donate to WWF.
    I work with my towns Animal Shelter.
    I support spay and nueter programs
    I only rescue animals.
    I have stopped using petstores.
    I work with the community to stop pitbull fighting.
    I resucue cats and dogs and try to find them homes. Those who don't find homes I keep. (more dogs than cats)
    Work with 4-H kids. To teach them proper cage limits, feeding, care and to stop breeding and use breeders. The evils of showing.
    Trying to go full vegan. Tell anyone who will listen to watch the Meet your Meat video.
    Years ago rescued ferrets from a lab situation.
    My whole life is dedicated to animal rights and will be until I die.

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I've thanked you all do great jobs!

    Just thought I would add what I was up till 2am doing this morning :L Theres a site for our area called freecycle and people post what they want and what they have to offer - all for free. Anyone who was looking for a hutch/indoor cage etc I e-mailed giving them information on pigs, and linked them to this site and Lynx etc

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    On a larger scale, my partner and I foster for a dog-and-cat non-breed-specific rescue. We've had over 30 foster dogs and 6 foster cats in the two years we've been with this rescue.

    On a smaller scale, nearly all of our animals were rescues in some form or another:

    The Dogs:

    The Bear (shepherd mix, now 11, adopted from a rescue at 6 mo)
    Tasha (Aussie Shep, now 10, rescued from a puppy mill, then adopted by us, at 6 mo)
    Murphy (English Mastiff), now 6-ish, was a MI Humane Society cruelty seizure. He spent his whole first 4 years tied to a tree being starved, and probably beaten.

    The Cats:
    Xena (now 5) found on my doorstep as a kitten.
    Puck (now 4) rescued from a kitten mill and adopted by me at 3 months.

    The reptiles/amphibians:
    Erma (the ball python), rescued from a crazy person who "found god" and decided that her pet snake was an istrument of satan.
    Zack (the green iguana) was dumped on our doorstep.
    Salvador Dali, the painted turtle. Quote from sister-in-law: "If it doesn't walk up to me and ask "what's for dinner?" I forget to feed it."
    Grabbie/Arlene/Agent 2-0-4 (the clawed frogs) were all "free to good home" from different sources over hte past 3 years.
    Gus (the whites tree frog) was dumped "due to a move".
    (we do have some other reptiles/amphibs that we got on purpose, from good breeders, but their stories don't belong in this thread).

    The "Small and furries":

    The Rats (Zoey and Houdini) are second-generation rescues. We rescued their parents from an idiot who thought all male hairless rats were sterile and housed him (a large, hairless male) with her (a very young dumbo/rex female.). A week later she had 6 babies, two of whom died from a genetic problem right away. Zoey and Dini are the last two surviving, 2 years later.

    The ferrets: The boys (Xavie and Rupert) were dumped by a roommate who moved out without them, and Gwennie was adopted from a private party when they "got tired of her".

    The Degus (Rikki and Tavi) were adopted from the Humane SOciety. Lucie was adopted from a private party when the fmaily dog ate her sister.

    Eddie the Chinchilla was rescued from a home where they apparently coudn't figure out that boy+girl=babies.

    And finally the PIGGGIES! Phil was found abandoned in a box in a Petsmart parking lot last winter. Oswald was "ransomed" for $5 from a guy who was selling them as snake-food.

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    Today, I put papers that I printed out in the bathroom at school about some types of cruelty. They were about animal testing and animals as food. I will do more. I hope people saw them.
    It's advocating in secret! .....I like it! Great idea.

    I wish I could make unlimited copies of the Meet Your Meat video, and give it to every person in the world.... Anonymously. Anyone have a huge automatic DVD burning machine?? And that's the really cool thing- it isn't copyrighted at all. So please show it to everyone, copy it, duplicate it, etc!

    .....Anyway, sorry for going off topic.

    Well... I did think of one- I made a cuddle cup for my pig as a Christmas present. And boy did I slave away at it, it probably took me a few hours to make. -By the way, I am a very inexperienced sewer.
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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    -I have adopted my hamster, and two guinea pigs (my hamster and other guinea pig died).
    -I am a member of this site and now am properly taking care of Butterscotch.
    -I am a member of the JHA (Junoir Humane Assiation).
    -I always give to animal supply drives.
    -Will always baby-sit animals.
    -I have caught about fifteen dogs in my neighborhood (just caught 2 yesterday).
    -Vouleenter to help at animal shelters.

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    Well I wish I could say that I rescued my two guineas from a shelter, but after 6 months of searching and only finding shelters in other states I decided to rescue two very young pregnant females (about 6-8 weeks) from the pet store, so their babies didn't have to be mistreated, as they were.

    I have learned so much on this site about the care of my guineas, that I can now care for them properly. I think I learn something new everyday on here.

    I have rescued one dog from a shelter, taken in two other stray dogs.

    I rescued one kitten from a trash can, and a litter of kittens from an abandoned car after finding out their mamma was killed by a car.

    After the litter of kittens were old enough to feed on there own I found forever homes for them where I can go and visit them and check up on them.

    I rescue and nurse back to health box turtles that have been hit by cars.

    I have rescued 3 ferrets from unwanted homes, and saved one from a tangled mess of fish wire up in my sisters rain gutter.

    I have rescued a family of rabbits from a dog kennel in my mothers back yard.

    And I never kill mice. Although my husband thinks I am crazy, I trap and release the mice found in our house.

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    Seems very small compared to everyone else's.....but here goes...

    We now house all out 4 piggies in C and C cages, 3 out of 4 are adopted, the one that isn't we got before the days I knew better.

    I have educated friends about proper care for piggies/rabbits and managed to win their animals better care

    I have stopped buying from petshops that sell animals

    In the future all new pets shall come from rescues

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    To help,
    -I'm working on building a C&C cage instead of using a store bought one
    -i volunteer at the Humane Society
    -I donate money to the Humane society
    -I bring in pet food to the Humane Society

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I'm vegan and promote veganism on my myspace.
    I occasionally do animal rights demos and promote animal rights on my myspace.
    All my pigs are rescues and live in C&C cages above minimum standards.
    I volunteered in a small animal rescue until it closed down.
    I made care sheets to be given out with the rescues and offered to cut nails and treat for mites free of charge.
    I'm a volunteer driver for dogsos
    I left my number at the petshop and told them to ring me whenever anyone brings in an injured pigeon. I take them all to Greenmount bird sanctuary.
    I donate to Cavy Spirit by being a cavy star and also through and I raise money for Freshfields Animal Sanctuary by using Home | Easy Fundraising Ideas | | easyfundraising and Everyclick > Search the web to help Charities fundraise

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    It's not much, but Cloudy is the last pet store pig I will ever buy.

    I have the ever-popular C&C cage, modified over time to better meet my pigs' needs.

    My constant talk about rescues being better led to my parents getting their cocker from a cocker spaniel rescue, although I had to yell at them for buying the grandson they're raising a parakeet. I did hand over some information, but I don't know yet if it has gone to good use.

    I spent a couple of hours in our parking lot this September trying to get a poor, terrified guinea pig out from under a car so I could get her some proper treatment and a good home.

    I buy my Oxbow pellets from the local ARL's pet supply store.

    And I'm glad to see someone else with a heart is going to be a lawyer. Law school is full of competitive cutthroats who want the riches, but have no use for the charity.

    I am more than willing to let my kids help out with the pets and I answer their questions about why we don't go to pet stores or why we don't have a male guinea pig.

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I give this website to anyone in our vet clinic that has a guinea pig. I see alot of malnourished piggies with owners that mean well, but didn't know any better.
    I made a C&C cage and encourage everyone else to do so to give their piggies more space!

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I adopted Cuddles from a kid who didn't want her anymore.

    I learned everything I could about all the health problems my pigs have had (lethal white, ovarian cysts, bladder sludge, diabetes) so that I could give good advice to people dealing with the same problems in their pigs.

    I threw in a lot of anti-breeding facts on the wikipedia page for Guinea pig breed - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia such as skinny pigs' higher incidence of melanoma, satin pigs' higher incidence of osteodystrophy, and roan/dalmatian leading to lethal pigs.

    I post anti-breeding stuff here of course!

    I promote better guinea pig care, and C&C cages, to everyone I can, even if they don't have guinea pigs. I also encourage people with cats and dogs to switch to healthier high-end foods for them, such as Innova and Natural Balance.

    Anyone I know who has bunnies, hamsters, gerbils, etc., I direct to appropriate sites such as House Rabbit Society Rabbit Care Guide.

    I frequently use the words "adopt" and "petfinder" in casual conversation.

    I also tell people of the dangers of pet stores, and stress that all animals are available in rescues, and pet stores are full of sick and mistreated animals.

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    Two of my pigs have been rescues. The other three were store bought before I knew any better.
    I've given up over half of my bedroom for my 5 boars.
    Three of my boars are in a 2x6, and the other two boars are in a 2x5.
    I volunteer at the local animal shelter.
    I give money to the shelter/drop boxes/etc.
    I stand up for animals if I feel they're being mistreated.
    I'm a vegetarian.
    I promote vegetarianism.



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