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Thread: YOU - helping animals!

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    Jun 04, 2006
    Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I used to not realize the overpopulation problem with guinea pigs and other animals and my guinea pig's had a few litters. This was over 4 years ago. Now I would never let my guinea pigs breed and only adopt. I also have them housed in C&C cages. This forum has really opened my eyes to the vast majority of guinea pigs that are waiting for homes.

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    Feb 15, 2007
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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I don't do enough.

    I'm a vegetarian, but I also use minimal milk, and opt for Soya. I also only consume my own hen's eggs who are infertile and well looked after.

    I also never eat foods, vege or otherwise from companies that have unethical views such as Masterfoods (M&M's/Malteasers etc) or Sunny D

    I use minimal, if any, medication. This is very painful when I suffer with severe migraines that can cause me to collapse/blackout, but my hatred for animal testing makes me bear with it. I do not recommend this for anyone under 18.

    This goes for cosmetics, I only use those that do not test their products AND ingrediants on animals.

    I rescued my latest addition Hoover at the grand age of six. Also rescued other animals for example my cross breed Shady.

    Never buy fur/leather/skin of any sort. I also do not buy fake repleca's of fur/reptile skin as it can send out the wrong message. I own one black pair of plastic shoes which I guess could be mistaken for leather for school.

    I do protests/partitions/activities for animal rights - latest was from PETA to stop the Queen using fur

    I volunteer at any rescues when I possibly can, my last ones where the RSPCA and a Reptile Rescue through out the summer hols.

    I donate where I can - I don't donate monthly because I'm doing my GCSE's and I'm looking for a job to help with my pigs bills - I already pay for everything including vet bills/feed/bedding/veg/C&C cage etc etc but I need a job to pay for Tallulahs diabetes medication and therefore cannot afford that at the moment HOWEVER...

    I am studying extremely hard, and over achieving at school JUST BECAUSE I want to become a well paid lawyer so I can then donate to alot of charities per month and also be able to rescue more animals - yes that is the only reason I want money in life.

    I am building a 7 x 3 cage with 7x1 and 2x1 second and third floors for two of my pigs, and for the single pig a 3x4 with a 3x1 second floor - paying for this out my bday money.

    I care for wildlife and work towards protecting their habitat and safety. I also help any animals which need to be taken to the vets, for example pigeons/strays/hedgehogs.

    I disapprove and tell friends off for chucking their rubbish in the countryside where animals can be injured by it.

    I research indepth about any animal I am considering owning..

    I religiously and formally complain to every business/organisation etc that in some way hurts animals - eg) Protecter & Gamble/Masterfoods and boycott their products.

    Buy things like calenders/cards from charities.

    Dont attend circuses with animals.

    I tell people about neutering/spaying/adopting etc

    Made many people boycott KFC.

    I refuse to disect in class

    Always protest and arguing against hunts - yes those illegal ones where people think their above the law. Also shoots etc

    I refuse to travel to countries such as Canada, Spain etc who still practise ridiculous things such as Seal Clubbing, Bull fighting ( not aimed to anyone here, I know people on here are probably very ashamed of their country for it). I contact the officals/travel agencys and anyone else I can think of and tell them why, so they can change. By the way people if you travel to Spain a small percentage of money goes towards the tradition of Bullfighting, whether you see it or not.

    I have used YouTube to make some emotive videos...I also use my bebo and myspace to promote my thoughts on these subjects and always get into debates about it on bebo bands.

    I have lectured an idiot at the local Pets at Home, and got the result of their Guinea pigs and rabbits being seperated. ( I must admit other than this slip up my local Pets at Home is very good - yes being the scenes too).

    I avoid killing spiders, daddylong legs etc in my house - I have been known to sleep on the sofa because I have a huge phobia of daddylong legs and yet will avoid killing them at most costs.

    I get fruit from my mums friends orchard when it's summer and my mum buy organically/locally when we cannot.

    I completely back the ALF.

    I got my horse over a tendon injury vets believed would kill her.

    There was a stray cat at our school, being kicked and tormented by kids and covered in ticks etc. My school done nothing and shrugged it off, I reported them to the RSPCA and informed a caring animal loving teacher of the situation and she was able to get the poor thing to the vets. If it wasn't taken that night I would have taken it myself - this was a last resort though as I have a bad reaction to cat fleas.

    I have done indepth research beyond belief about every category of animal rights so I can give an educated answer on things such as the fur trade, vegetarian diets, vivisection etc This is how I have achieved in changing peoples views and oppinions on subjects. I educate people in my school, outside of school, anywhere I use every oppotunity to spread the message and get my point across. Convinced people to opt to adopt, and in some cases tactfully told people to not even think about getting a certain animal in the knowledge they would not be prepared to look after it. I am ridiculed for it though, alot, for example today my RE teacher was pushing views on anyone who disagreed with animal testing after watchin a very bias video... and was saying how we animal lovers would pick an animal over our family/babies and she "hoped none of us would ever have op's where animal testing had not been done". She will soon be recieving a detailed analysis of the lesson in a report on her desk.

    by CavySpirit:

    I feel the need to add an editorial comment to this post. I'm very impressed with your commitment and maturity in understanding the issues. More than anything:
    I am studying extremely hard, and over achieving at school JUST BECAUSE I want to become a well paid lawyer so I can then donate to alot of charities per month and also be able to rescue more animals - yes that is the only reason I want money in life.
    This is so important. I frequently hear of young people who want to go into 'rescue' because what they see me doing looks impressive and meaningful. I always tell them to stay in school, study really hard, make good grades and go to college. Get a great job and make lots of money. Because that's what it takes. The trick is not getting corrupted by the lifestyle that goes with the money along the way. Much easier said than done. All the best!
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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I put a flyer about the Petco hamster derby in the girls' bathroom at school. I also made my own e-mail template for an e-mail to Petco about the hamster derby and put it on a website I made. I'm unsure if anyone sent it besides me, though.

    I sign many, many on-line petitions and have also created some. I've also sent those e-mail template things places like PETA, HSUS ( I think they're the one I'm thinking about,) and the ASPCA has. I usually don't edit them, though. The one time, my e-mail was marked as spam, and I sent another one that had a word that I shouldn't post here on it.

    I plan on going vegetarian once I am away from my mom who would never understand it without showing her some disturbing videos that I'm unsure if she'd actually like me watching. Right now I am just trying to eat as less as possible.

    I also have a Neopets guild and a website about pet stores.

    A few years ago, I used to have a neighbor with 2 hermit crabs. They really neglected them. There was no food or water in the tank. I thought one of the shells were empty and accidentally took the crab home and put it in with my other hermit crabs. When I realized it, I was stupid and gave it back, thinking I'd get into trouble if I were caught. I sent food over with it. I hope it had a good night inside of my plastic container. Back then, I didn't know how to take care of hermit crabs, so I had some in a plastic container. Plastic containers are too small for hermit crabs and don't hold enough humidity for the hermit crab.

    I also took in a hermit crab whose owner didn't want the poor thing. He is still living in my 20 gallon-long tank.

    In one of my classes, we were using books that we were allowed to write on the front inside cover, and I put links to hermit crab and guinea pig care.

    I post adoptables on guinea pig sites, too.

    When a pet store around here is doing wrong, I usually e-mail them. I always make sure to mention profit as well as welfare. I try to be as nice as possible so they might listen.

    On someone else's computer, I put Goodsearch as the default search engine and set it to search for a shelter kind of near me.

    I made an image about Pet Supplies Plus and put it on my Neopets profile, myspace, and wherever else I was able to put it. I have to start that again, because they aren't doing well again. I have to see if they listened to my e-mail I sent them about using water bottles, first, though.

    I was going to set a frog of my neighbor's free, but it had already jumped out of its container. It was on their porch. I was either going to steal it out of the container or pay a few dollars for it.

    One time, I made a fake craigslist ad that stated it was giving away things that are bad for guinea pigs. When someone replied, I told them that I threw them out once I found out the truth.
    There are probably more ways, but I have to think of them.

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    Sep 27, 2005
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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I have not done as much as you lot to be honest, but we do have an adopted greyhound in our family as we wanted to adopt a rescue dog, and what better than an adopted greyhound as they go through a lot. I also try to educate those in pet stores (I have a big mouth and words just slip out. I'm not a confident person but I seem to get a voice around animals), and have told people not to buy exercise balls and whatnot.

    I spend a lot of time on forums and try to advise people in what to do. I don't go to circuses nor do I obviously visit greyhound or horse tracks as I don't agree with it. I also don't eat meat and I don't buy supermarket eggs so I'm trying.

    Like I said above, it's not a lot, but every little helps, right?

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I have six Guinea Pigs, I house them on fleece indoors. My two 6 month old boars live in a 5ft x 2ft hutch and my 3 and 2 month old boars are paired up together above them in a 4ft x 2ft cage.

    My 2 Sow Sisters live in a 4ft x 2ft cage in my living room but in the daytime I put all pigs in C&C play pans to have a big run around in my living room.

    I provide a varied diet and feed all pigs in the morning and in the evening. They have three daily veggies 1 twice weekly veggie and 1 weekly veggie per serving and they are thrieving on it. I provide hay as a constant supply as well as nuggets as a couple of my darling where select feeding.

    I am new to cavies, but my love and respect for them grows by the day and I want to start a rescue in the Liverpool area, there is a need for one here, we have two on the outskirts but not one in Liverpool itself.

    I am also a student and did want to go to university in 2009, but I am now torn between my idea of a Rescue or achieving my personal goals. I suppose I can do both as they are equally important but time will tell which way it will go.

    I would also like to go into schools with my pigs and educate children on basic care, if we start young then they will understand their needs. I plan on starting this in the spring in my daughters school.

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    Aug 06, 2007
    Western Australia

    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    My girls are housed on towels (soon it will be fleece, I still have to finish preparing it) in a 3x4 C&C cage and are fed Oxbows Cavy Cusine. They get unlimited amounts of hay that I purchase from the local feed store, and I supplement this with several large handfuls of Oxbows Western Timothy (the reason I only supplement their diet with Oxbows hay is due to the cost). Not to mention the amount of veggies they get twice a day.

    Rosie my latest pig was adopted/rescued from a couple who could know longer have her due to severe allergies.

    I have not brought 1 product at a petstore since finding this site. I buy everything either online or from the feed store.

    I am researching heavily about budgies (one thing I didnt do before getting Lily), as I plan on adopting one soon.

    Monthly I go around to a group of people in my neighbourhood that own pigs and cut their pigs nails, do a general health check (check eyes, ears, nose, feet, hair etc etc), educate and advise them.

    When I need to buy something I try to find products where part of the money goes to an animal organisation (or other organisation).

    Most if not all products in my house are either animal friendly or natural.

    Times are tricky at the moment, I am really struggling with life in general, however I do put away part of my pay each week that goes to shelters in my area. I want to donate to ACS at some stage, hopefully I will be able to make that a regular thing as well.

    I am going vegetarian, this has been a big decision that I have only recently made. My parents understand and support my decision 110%. As of 4 days ago, I have cut out dairy, egg and most meat products from my diet. As I go on, I will consume more and more cruelty free products and less of the other products. I brought a vegetarian cooking book and a guide to being a vegetarian book 3 days ago, and I plan on trying a new meal every 3rd night.

    Most importantly; I learn from my mistakes.

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    Hey everyone, this is an amazing thread! So here is my little bit.

    I have built my 4 piggies a huge home to live in.

    I inform people at work about this website and C&C cages.

    Working at a pet shop at the moment is very frustrating for me but I try and do my bit by informing people what they should and should not do with their pets. Including not buying treat sticks, runner balls, harnesses etc and what they should be feeding them. On many occations they have gone to get their pets from the local rescue instead of the stores.

    I rescued my last piggy.

    I have cut down on the amount of meat I eat, and sourse them from local farms.

    My family in Austrailia have reciently got 3 guinea pigs and I have given them this website.

    Further a field I help educate travellers who go to more unusual destinations. These mainly include rainforests which are disappering from human intervention. Madagascar is where I do my work, i have visited 2 times before and am going next year to update the latest Madagascar travel guide which is not only read by travellers but also the malagasy people themselves. Most are unaware of the unique fauna they have in their country and have slash and burned most of the countries rainforest so that there is only 5% of forest left. These endemic animals deserve a chance and that is what I do by informing the world of whats out there.

    Madagascar - Bradt travel guides ...take the road less travelled

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    Oh, also a big one that I am sure not only I do, but others may of forgotten to menchion or maybe I just missed it, I refuse buying and supporting products that were tested on animals.

    Okay, other's have menchioned it. Here I am thinking I was being clever on thinking about that. I just skimmed the posts, others have menchioned it.

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    Just missed something. Im also a member of the British Wildlife Trust where I volenteer. We are currently trying to save the Water Vole from extinction. The country only has about 2 years to do this because there are only 4 known well estabished vole colonys left! However on a more postitive note we now have otters back in warwickshire!
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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I volunteer my time whenever possible with the local SPCA.
    Most of my animals are rescues in one way or another.
    I take injured wildlife to the wildlife center for treatment. I also make myself available to transport wildlife found by others who cannot make the trip.
    I support the SPCA's rummage sale by donating and buying.
    When strays show up and I am unable to take them on, I will take them to the SPCA so that they can receive proper medical care, regular meals and hopefully a good, stable home.
    I try very hard to not take in more animals than I can reasonably care for.
    I make sure my own animals recieve proper veterinary care, exersice, food and living space for their species.
    I am continually learning all I can to better take care of my pets and to help others if they wish to know.
    I encourage others to adopt rather than buy their pets, to buy the best food possible for their animals(seems kind of silly to by organic and the best for oneself and family for their health and improvement of environment and then wonder why ones dog is ripping it hair out while eating the crappiest, cheapest food around)
    I do not buy from pet stores and encourage others not to do so either.
    When people start talking about breeding their own pet, I strongly discourage them, giving them way more reason of why not to breed than they can come up with for breeding.

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    Thought of several more......

    ~Hopefully next summer I will be volunteering at my local SPCA
    ~I am going vegan sometime in the near future (currently vegetarian)
    ~A few months ago I created a website with all the basic info concerning veg*nism, animal testing, etc.
    ~I am very minimal when it comes to buying anything from pet stores that sell animals.
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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I don't think I can list what I do for animals.

    I do anything and everything that I possibly can, online and offline, and I believe very strongly in prevention of cruelty and proper care for all animals.

    I have written letters, one of which has been published, I have donated, I am vegetarian for over 20 years, and my daughter has never eaten meat.

    I have driven countless hours and invested countless hours and emotion into a lethal pig. I have rescues pigs twice from petstores. I have reported petstores.

    I have c&c cages, and am an advocate for them. I have visited people with supplies, and even built c&cs for them. I have posted ivomec to several people.

    I seem to have this knack of talking with people about piggie care at displays for the ACS, and then visiting them with supplies, of ivomec feed, bedding, hay etc, often at my own expense, and treating their animals.

    I have several people who ring me for advise, and I often stop by to health check their piggies.

    I take piggies from people that have no transport to my vet on the other side of the city.

    I adopted my cat when she was 8 years old from the rspca.

    I try to buy ethically and cruelty free and for the most part try to be vegan

    I took a injured owl to the vet, a dead cat off the road, to her owner( a little old lady )

    I refuse to buy from petstores, and instead frquent the petcafe for supplies as they do not sell live animals.

    I found a kitten in the gutter, failed to find any owner, and kept her untill I found someone to take her to a forever home.

    I advocate for no animals in petshops, and encourage people to opt to adopt.

    I donate to the wilderness foundation, and support caring for our environment for native animals.

    I refer people to the Australian Cavy Sanctuary, to the RSPCA, to the Animal Welfare League, to Guinea Lynx, and to Guinea Pig Cages.

    I believe in being an example of proper care.

    I am raising my daughter to have empathy for animals, and be responsible with animals.

    I use humane traps for any mice that make it inside, and release them.
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    Jun 10, 2007
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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    *Also, I adopted my Umbrella Cockatoo and am deeply considering sponsering a Maltese at our local humane center. Not to menchion saving a Cairn Terrier from being hit by a car. And I want to be a vet so badly. I want to specialise in exotics but hope to be able to treat cats and dogs too.

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    Jul 25, 2006

    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I forgot to add a little thing.
    My daughter found a little baby screech owl in her school yard, which is infront of a ravine. She brought the little guy home, wrapped in her sweater. I looked online and found an owl rehabilitation centre. I called them, they said lucky she brought it home, because a mama owl will not risk herself to go near the ground. So the next day we drove 5 hours round trip to bring the little guy to the owl rehab. They had so many owls there, and we got to see some of them. They are amazing animals.

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I was playing a game, and I put my name for the high scores as "" My score was pretty high, too.

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    We leave bird food out all winter. And this morning I made a little 'birdhouse' for them to go inside and warm up in because there's snow on the ground now. I lined a cardboard box with fleece and put lots of food and hay inside.

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    Aug 20, 2006
    Springfield, Illinois

    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    Wow! All of you do such much more then me!

    *All my guinea pigs are living in a Huge C&C mansion. (Thanks to this site)
    I follow all the nutritional and care guidlines that are recommended.

    *I took in Sugar when her previous owner had to go out of the country. I don't know what would have happened to her if I had not taken her in.

    *I have adopted 4 piggies from the Critter Corral and donated money to them (since I live too far away to help in person)

    *Drove 4 hours each way to pick up TooTu when I adopted her.

    *Rescued Roxy from a distant family member who had her in a glass aquarium and only fed her water and pellets when they remembered (she was never given hay or fresh veggies)

    *No longer buy any supplies at Pet Stores. All my supplies now come from Oxbow or Kleenmamas Hayloft. One of the reasons I switched to fleece was because I didn't want to keep buying the Carefresh from Petco.

    *I will lecture anyone who will listen to me about the overpopulation problem with guinea pigs and adopting from rescues is the way to go.

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    Aug 20, 2006
    Springfield, Illinois

    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I wanted to add one more thing

    *I just became a Cavy Champion here. I have been meaning to donate more to Cavy Spirit and this thread reminded me that I wanted to do that

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    All of my animals (cats and rabbits) are adopted. I do my best to learn about the best ways to take care of them, proper diet, etc.

    I volunteer regularly with the local Humane Society, mainly socializing rabbits but sometimes walking dogs with my husband who also volunteers. I foster for Soulmate Rabbit Rescue and ended up adopting my first foster bun. I recently brought home my second foster bun. She was at the shelter I volunteer at and appeared very sickly to me but their vet didn't find anything wrong. So I transferred her to the rescue, brought her home, and had my rabbit vet check her out. Poor thing had pointy spurs on her molars making it painful to eat, so she had dental surgery and is now doing much better. She is now up for adoption and has a few people considering her. I refuse to keep her permanently even though she is a doll because I want to be able to continue fostering.

    I'm helping raise funds for Soulmate Rabbit Rescue by making lovely Christmas ornaments. Most of the work is actually done while letting the foster rabbit play!

    I do a lot of rabbit education- on a different forum, at the shelter, handing out info packs at pet stores and checking up on the care and health of their animals, and just talking to people while I'm buying rabbit stuff at pet stores and grocery stores. I've promised to help out the shelter director next spring by going to the local children's museum with some shelter rabbits and doing an education day with them. Proper care, what rabbits are like, adopting, etc. We'll be tying it in with the "Make Mine Chocolate" campaign to discourage rabbits as Easter presents.

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    Jun 10, 2007
    Long Island, New York

    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    Haha, an update on how I menchioned I was going to sponser a Maltese at a nearby shelter, well I started by putting 60 dollars for her spaying bill. She is one step closer than befor to being able to be put up for adoption. I also donated 15 dollars to cover this weeks food. Her name is 'Mini'.



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