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Thread: YOU - helping animals!

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    Jan 15, 2004
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    Talking YOU - helping animals!

    Do you ever wonder how much this forum helps animals? I believe most members here do more than people might think. That's why I made this thread. Everyone, please post what you do to help animals! This can be anything as small as building a C&C cage for your own animals, handing out flyers about overpopulation, or as large as adopting an animal from a rescue or shelter or becoming veg*n. Every one of those things helps animals, and you deserve a pat on the back. So if you want to congratulate someone on helping animals--thank their post!

    The only rule:
    Every post on this thread must be a positive, personal experience. No criticizing, no complaining, no discussing someone else's post. This is what YOU have done.

    So, keep helping and start posting!

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    Jun 19, 2007
    Staffordshire, England

    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    Well to help animals I:

    Rescue, Re-habilitate and Rehome small animals

    Donate to this site, the WWF, a few ferret rescues, a guinea pig rescue, a dog and cat rescue and to the RSPCA.

    And to help my own I made them a big cage

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I came to this forum in 2005 after adopting a female pig having been to the local SPCA looking for a hamster. It had been a few years since I'd had pigs but had decided to keep them indoors having had disastrous experiences with pigs outdoors in the past. It wasn't long after I built them a C&C cage.

    While doing an internet search I found out about a local rescue, Thistle Cavies, and adopted a sow from there in late 2005. Not long after that I offered to volunteer when I could. Through this I've also met JarBax and been the part of much hilarity in cleaning, consuming excessive amounts of tea and generally coming home reeking of boar.

    I'm now the proud owner of 5 lovely pigs. This site has helped open my eyes to the problem local to me and has given me the push to get my finger out and do something about it!

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    -Built a C and C cage for my guinea pigs
    -Found this site and began taking 'proper' care of them
    -Cat was a former stray
    -We save any mice in the house from the cat (or humans) and let them go outside
    -Leave bread and corn out for deer to eat
    -And I guess this counts: I advocate vegetarianism by telling my friends and family about the meat industry and I have the Meet Your Meat video on my myspace.
    -And.... All future pets will be adopted!!

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I've taken a few pigeons to rehabbers, and just recently an injured baby squirrel that I had to keep in my closet over night, changing warm water bottles out. It was the cutest thing ever, ever!

    Whenever I see posts on craigslist of people looking to buy a chinchilla or guinea pig, I send them some basic info on care, direct them to a good forum, and link every one of the animals I can find up for adoption in a shelter or rescue at that time.

    I go to a shelter near me and play with the cats, and bring supplies. One big thing they always want is cardboard boxes for animals to play in, around, with, etc. I work at a hospital, so I can get unlimited cardboard boxes in a variety of sizes.

    There is a large construction area on our campus, overrun with feral/stray cats that have lived there for years between the construction trailers. The trailers are moving out slowly, and I have contacted some people that rehab feral cats and asked advice. I'm hoping to work with them in trapping the cats.

    Recently, most of the kitties at the local animal control shelter were being put to sleep due to a panluk outbreak. There wasn't much I could do, it's not a caring shelter, it's animal control. One of the last cats that seemed healthy but started sneezing was going to be euthanized. So I took him home. He's a nutball with a lot of behavior problems. But I loves him.

    I give my info to shelters if they get guinea pigs or chinchillas and don't have much care knowledge on them. I'm no great expert, but I know I can make the time to find answers.

    I know all animals deserve to be adopted to good homes, but I'm the biggest sucker for the senior guinea pigs. My first was 5 years old and missing most of her hair. The shelter people literally cried with joy that someone had taken her. The people who surrendered her didn't want that "ugly thing" anymore. I always want the cat no one wants because it's mangy or morbidly obese.

    When I see a greasy chinchilla in a shelter ad, I bring over some of the blue cloud dust, knowing the shelter likely can't afford it.

    I tend to quickly sponge up all info on any pet I consider owning, and am always eager to share it with others. In fact, they probably wish I would shut up about it.

    My enthusiasm for it is pretty contagious, and the people around me have gotten involved as well. Most of them will never buy a pet again, and will be adopting the rest of their lives. Their animals would be in pet store cages, but instead they are in huge cages.

    Oh, and when people mail our webpage asking that we "hack" into their girlfriends account or their grades or something (it's a computer security site), Brian tells them they have to donate money to certain animal charities first. And they do! It's funny.

    A couple of my friends who I influenced ...might possibly donate hotel towels to shelters. But naturally I would never condone stealing.

    I feel like I'm bragging or something. But really, I don't do much out of the 24 hours in a day, and I couldn't possibly do enough.

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    Mar 13, 2007
    North Carolina

    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I have a C&C cage for my 2 boys.
    I've decided to donate my time to to a rescue in Raleigh, I am in charge of getting the newsletter out every month. (cant wait to get started on that!)
    I encourage everyone I know to adopt, and anyone asking about my animals I encourage to adopt rather than buy.
    edited to add:
    We have vowed to never give another petstore our money again!

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    * My boys have a C&C cage and are being cared for properly.

    * I convinced my aunt to move her piggy out of a 1x3 petstore cage into a 3x3 C&C...and my dad and I helped her build it.

    * I don't have much time to help out at the humane society, but every couple months I go in to donate supplies and spend the better part of an hour talking to all the kitties and small animals...and when they have the time, some of the volunteer folks let me take out the piggies and hold/cuddle them.

    *All pet supplies are bought from either the local grainery/feed store or a pet supply store (that doesn't sell animals)

    *All future pets are going to be rescues

    *Talked people out of buying a small animal at Petno or PetStupid and steered them to a rescue/humane society.

    *Rescued a pet mouse that someone had (so very carelessly) left in front of his cage, no food, no water, on a hot (85F+) day. Couldn't keep him, unfortunately, but he eventually found a home via the humane society.

    *Bought a calendar from GuineaLynx the last couple years.

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    Have adopted all pets from shelters or from classrooms (two of the piggies).
    Volunteer at local shelter to work with cats since husband's allergies won't allow us to have them.
    Donate to local shelter.
    Help educate schoolkids/teens at the shelter during educational outreach days on pet ownership and responsibility.
    Most importantly, teach my OWN kids about how animals should be treated so that there's some hope for the next generation. Sigh.

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    Jun 22, 2006
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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    Great thread! Maybe this will help more people get ideas on ways to help further.

    I have:

    -Learned the best ways I can to take care of my pigs as well as my other animals.
    -Rescued animals.
    -Pursaded others to rescue instead of breeding/buying.
    -Stopped supporting petstores.
    -Went to petstores to try and convice people to not buy animals from there, and to educate people on the proper care of animals they already have. (Helped a lot of people doing this).
    -Become a vegetarian.
    -Pursuaded a few people to become vegetarian.
    -Helped people online (various boards) take better care of their animals.
    -Fostered animals and then rehomed them.
    -Donated (and continue to donate) to shelters.

    I think that is it for now. Kudos to everyone!

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I volunteer at a guinea pig rescue and am currently fostering a mom and her 3 babies who were born in a laundry basket. I help clean cages at the rescue center and I helped with the in-take of 32 guinea pigs from Cali. I gave 33 piggie baths that day! I also talk to other people about adopting instead of buying.

    I have a C&C for my own piggies and I feed them Oxbow pellets!

    My family and I also donate to no-kill shelters around the area as well as volunteering there with the animals.

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    Jun 10, 2007
    Long Island, New York

    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    *I rescued my latest little man.
    *My two little men are both in a large C&C cage and are given fresh fruits, veggies, hay, and pellets daily.
    *I donate money to nearby shelters and have sponsered some dogs in the past.
    *I very rarely step foot into petstores
    *I have made complaints to managers of petstores. A few things were changed for the better but, it doesn't change the fact they sell animals.
    *I have saved my neighbors two piggies, convinced others not to breed and to adopt, and reccomended C&C cages to every person who owns piggies or is considering owning piggies.

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    Jun 10, 2007
    Long Island, New York

    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    Also wanted to ad, I made a intro flyer about animal shelters, posted them around and offer them for others to feel free to use.
    rescue.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    *And I plan on making more

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    Jul 25, 2006

    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I built a 2x4 c&c cage for my loner pig.
    I adopt all my animals, even drove 20 hours roundtrip to adopt my disabled dog.
    I rescue and foster dogs for the Miniature pinscher rescue, aswell as a small breed rescue, and a cat rescue.
    I have donated once to this site.
    I encourage everyone I know or come in contact with to adopt, and inform them about animals in petstores, and where they come from.
    That is all I can think of right now.

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    Dec 05, 2004
    Mountain View, Arkansas

    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I advocate adopting from Rescues and Shelters vs. purchasing in pet stores.
    I advocate rescuing over breeding.
    I rescue pigs, rats and other animals in need.
    I advocate C&C or C&C alternative cages.
    I've donated to the CavySpirit rescue.
    I advocate proper diet and do a lot of research on diet and try to provide proper up-to-date info on veggies, forages and pellets through my charts for the members of this site.

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    When I decided to adopt a guinea pig, I researched heavily on any info on the net. After I discovered the minimum size cage and realised that my cousin's piggy was in a small pet shop cage a third of minimum size, I built a new enclosure for her. Every piece of material I found in regards to welfare of guinea pig, I passed to her. I'm still persuading her to get a friend for her lone piggy.

    I adopted my piggies from Australian Cavy Sanctuary, a guinea pig rescue and shelter in Brisbane, Australia. As soon as I got updated with all the mistreatment and horrible cases in Australia, I volunteered at ACS. We do displays about guinea pig awareness at different places. I have donated money, time, blood, sweat and tears since then for guinea pigs welfare. I've helped rescues missions. I still couldn't believed that I have been involved not a while ago (March this year) but I feel like this is a part of my mission in life and my passion for animal welfare is getting stronger each day.

    I'm a strong advocate of adopting instead of buying for people looking for a pet and also against backyard breeding. I donated to different rescues (cats, dogs, rats, etc).

    There is no stopping me now.

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I make Youtube videos. Some of the videos I have made involve the over-population. There are some about pet stores, too. I am still working on making more.

    I've reported stores around here for having horrendous conditions for their guinea pigs and for having sick guinea pigs.

    I also actually saved a hermit crab from being eaten by other hermit crabs during molting by just telling the Petdumb person near the hermit crabs that the hermit crab needed to be separated. When hermit crabs molt, cannibalism often happens. The person didn't even know about molting. The crab was isolated from the rest of the hermit crabs. I've had it happen with my own crabs on accident when one molted without me knowing.

    I also donate to an animal shelter near me just by using Welcome : GoodSearch : Search the Internet with GoodSearch and support your favorite charity or school.!

    I will type more tomorrow. I have to go to bed.

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    Fabulous thread!

    My son and I consume as little animal product as possible.

    We use cruelty free/animal friendly brands throughout the house.

    We contribute to ethical shopping, where there is the option.

    After joining the on-line community, became contributing members to this site, and learned an awful lot about proper piggy care.

    I advocate good piggy/animal care, rescue and adoption.

    We adopted two beautiful piggies to join our mini herd, from Thistle Cavies.

    Their hay, and other piggy goodies are purchased from Thistle.

    We have helped out practically at Thistle, where we met and enjoyed aforementioned hilarity/tea/chats with daftscotslass!

    The pigglies live a spoiled life in their C&C mansion.

    We feed the birds in our garden year-round, and have made a wildlife pond.

    I garden organically.

    Spiders, mice and all other creatures are caught humanely, and safely released elsewhere, even though I am arachnaphobic, and it haunts me for days!
    The artist formerly known as jarbax

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    Jul 11, 2007
    with my animals:-)

    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I have adopted all my animals from either owners that didnt want them or from the shelter.

    I have built C&C cage for my rabbits and the guinea pigs

    I tell anyone that I come in contact , either in person or on craigslist, about C&Ccages, and the local rescues.

    I foster guinea pigs, and have gotten my mom to foster also.

    I demonstrate at a loca Pets Plus, deomonstrating against Puppy Mills.

    I dont shop in Petstores, and buy as much as I can from a local supply store that is all for rescues and dedicates a part of his store for promoting and housing animals from local rescues.

    I encourage anyone I come in contact with to adopt not shop.

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    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    Fantastic idea Salana! I haved loved reading all the responses! Here's my 2 cents:

    I rescued my own two pigs from a lady whose kids were no longer interested and were kept in 1.5 sq ft of space, they now have a 2x6 C&C.

    I foster for the SC Guinea Pig Rescue. I currently have four fosters, who of course, all have C&C cages. Check them out on our petfinder page! Petfinder pet list - Pets at SC Guinea Pig Rescue

    I handle all emails, most surrenders and will handle adoptions when the time comes, for the rescue. Piggie Parent is prepping me to possibly take over the rescue when she moves out of state.

    I check on the pigs in local petstores as well as supply a local mom and pop pet store with care brochures from gl ( to hand out to customers as well as give medical and care advice. They are very willing to learn even though I haven't convinced them to stop selling pigs all together. The pigs now get 24 hr access to hay, are fed Oxbow pellets and there is a pigloo per pig, they didn't have any of these things before.

    Anytime I hear anything about guinea pigs I make sure they are aware of proper care procedures and refer them to this site and gl. I usually carry around extra copies of the care brochure to hand out.

    And of course I rescued my cat Mia and strongly encourage others to rescue as well.
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    Nov 20, 2007
    Tri Cities Michigan

    Re: YOU - helping animals!

    I have sent tons of money out to organizations for several reasons.

    I was a part of a top secert (only reason why I say that is because I don't want to get in trouble, and so far I haven't) animal rescue from a lab. I personally saved two dogs and helped in rescueing the major reason for the trip a monkey who was tortured beyond belief, I didn't take him in someone else took and cared for him in the center. I treated and found wonderful homes for the dogs I still talk to the people who took them in.

    I am saving a guinea pig today from a rescue.

    I built a C&C cage

    I sent out fliers in my highschool about information on cruelty to animals including laws and what happens to the "food" they eat before they buy it. Also did it at a Warped Tour for PETA 2 (in Michigan).

    Rescued a dog from a shelter.

    Sent letters to companies that were mistreating animals. The letters were sent three places: ASPCA/company head quaters/and OSHA.
    Some letters were successful most weren't.

    I stop people from buying from Iams even if I do not know them in a store. I will tell them what they have done to Beagles and other animals and where they can find information about it and videos about it online. Some ingnored what I said and didn't care. Some had beagles and put it back right away with tears in their eyes.

    I have stopped several people from using and buying harmful things for animals for their home.

    I gave out list of hazardeous things for your animals in your home to people who inquire about.

    I volunteer at rescues and shelters whenever I possibly can.

    I can't rememeber all of it but those are things I am most proud of. The rest is small yet helpful things!



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