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    Talking Please testify!

    I know many of you have, but please DO submit a testimonial if you haven't already. The testimonials are for your story of your large cage success. The more personal you make it the better. The idea is to help motivate and convince others that this is the way to go. I will be pulling a large number of the best testimonials for my upcoming book (don't ask when) on cages.

    I was originally wanting to get over 500 testimonials, but my new goal is to get over 1000 for the book. So the more we get posted, the faster I can get the book out. It's taken years to get where we are, but I know there are still a number of people who haven't submitted a testimonial. You don't have to be a registered member here to submit one.

    Inappropriate entries are removed. It's not there to say how you like or don't this site, it's for your positive cage experience. It's not to ask questions or solicit comments.

    Thank you so much!

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    Re: Please testify!

    Please post your cage testimonial on the TESTIMONIAL page of this website, not on the forum. Thank you very much.



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