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Thread: This is a PRO-VEGETARIAN Forum

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    Re: This is a PRO-VEGETARIAN Forum

    depends... usually yes

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    Re: This is a PRO-VEGETARIAN Forum

    What question are you actually answering here?

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    Re: This is a PRO-VEGETARIAN Forum

    sorry i wrote that in the wrong page :s

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    Re: This is a PRO-VEGETARIAN Forum

    Don't laugh its true! With how many cows we are having "made" they are killing the enviroment with their methane filled fart. There is so many soy based things like, ice cream, cheese, and milk, ect that we do not have to rellie on killing for food. If we evlotion then should we be eating differantly. Everything has changed why not go healthier, and save lifes!! Watch out for soups, they have broth in them which have chicken in it. My favorite brand is amys. She makes soups, pizzas, etc. They even have yogurt for us, how sweet of them!!

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    Cavy Slave
    Oct 13, 2005
    Washington state

    Re: This is a PRO-VEGETARIAN Forum

    That was a really well written post, even though I'm not a veg', I still enjoyed reading it very much. I didn't think that being called a bleeding heart, animal rights, cavy hugger is a bad thing at all! I would be proud to be called that!

    Again very well written! Kudos to you!

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    Re: This is a PRO-VEGETARIAN Forum

    I appreciate the views of the webmaster being posted so clearly. While for various reasons I don't really agree with some of PETA's stances and am not a vegan myself in a way I look forward to talking to people who are.

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    Re: This is a PRO-VEGETARIAN Forum

    Huzzah! Veggie people. I just joined this forum and I'm thrilled to see a section for vegetarians and vegans. I went vegan earlier this year and will never look back. I look forward to getting to know you guys and learning more about the piggies I'll be adopting soon!

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    Talking Re: This is a PRO-VEGETARIAN Forum

    Thanks CavySpirit! Sometimes us vegetarians need some support, because I guess people think WE are the crazy ones!

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    Re: This is a PRO-VEGETARIAN Forum

    I noticed this part of the forum before I signed up and am just now dropping in.

    I use the term "bleeding heart" frequently, because I am one. Typically my dad-in-law either calls me Rite Aid or Tree Hugger. And will start a phone conversation with "I'm surprised you were able to let go of your tree long enough to answer the d*mn phone" followed by laughter on both sides. He used to be a hippie so I know he uses these terms endearingly.

    When I met Jer, I was a vegetarian, and had been for several years. Not born into it, but evolved into it after moving out. Really, it had nothing to do with how animals were being treated (at the time, I didn't know what I do now), I just didn't dig the flesh. I suppose I was more vegan than vegetarian, now that I look back on it...but "vegan" was a word that no one understood back then so "vegetarian" made more sense to them.

    Anyway, eventually, after an illness and marriage I went back to eating meat. Not pork. Never pork. But chicken (more) and beef (less).

    It wasn't until recently that Jer understood why people do this (he didn't "get it" when I told him I didn't eat meat or like fur or leather, etc...) and the look on his face when he learned the horrors of what really happens to these "farm" animals surprised me. I assumed he knew all of this.

    So, while I'm lurking through here preparing to go back to my old ways, I'm also in search of some information that would benefit him as well. You know...bring him to the dark side.

    It's nice to look in a veg*an section of a forum and not see people screaming their heads off at us that still have Neanderthalian blood creeping through our veins.

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    Re: This is a PRO-VEGETARIAN Forum

    I've been a vegan before which lasted for about 5 years, but I slowly transitioned into being a vegetarian which I am now. My sister is still a vegan, and I strongly support animal rights!

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    Re: This is a PRO-VEGETARIAN Forum

    Vegan and proud!
    Albert and Tofu have a pin attached to the top of their cage reading:
    I love (veggie in the shape of a heart) vegans!!
    It is very fitting for my vegan piggles.

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    Re: This is a PRO-VEGETARIAN Forum

    Very cute idea! Go VEGANS!

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    Re: This is a PRO-VEGETARIAN Forum

    I got them at a vegan potluck....someone made them for a fair or something and had extras. It looks really good!
    I also have a ton of anti-fracking pins, guinea pig pins, Pro adoption pins, so I might slide those on the bars too.
    (Don't worry, the pins are well out of reach)

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    Re: This is a PRO-VEGETARIAN Forum

    Ya I love to decorate my cage with cute stuff like that too, as long as it is safe.

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    Re: This is a PRO-VEGETARIAN Forum

    Wow this is great! I have been a vegetarian for a while now and I just adopted some guinea pigs, I agree with you totally on the anti-breeding and pro adoption things. I love the fact that my pigs are herbivores and wish that my other animals were too, but alas they eat meat. I am so excited this forum is here!

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    Cavy Star, Photo Contest Winner Princess_Piggie's Avatar
    Nov 10, 2013
    Liverpool, UK

    Re: This is a PRO-VEGETARIAN Forum

    While I'm not currently vegetarian, I've always wanted to give it a try. I suffer with anemia and a whole host of other, long standing medical conditions, and my specialists think eliminating meat completely would cause a serious deterioration in my health. I'd love to try it though, because then I would have completed my animal welfare circle. I take part in protests against fur, and other types of animal cruelty regularly.

    I do my best to eat as little meat as possible, and refuse to eat anything that isn't organic and free range.



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