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Thread: This is a PRO-VEGETARIAN Forum

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    Exclamation This is a PRO-VEGETARIAN Forum

    If you want to take aim at PETA or IDA or any other animal welfarist or animal rights organizations and their materials, this isn't the place. If you want to promote it, do feel free.

    That is the acknowledged BIAS of the webmaster of this forum. If you don't agree with it, then just don't participate in this particular forum or if it really bothers you, then you don't need to participate on the entire forum.



    I'd like to add a little explanation of why there is a separate Vegetarian section on a Cages forum. At first glance, it seems out of place.

    Even though this is a "Cages for Guinea Pigs" forum, it is run by a rescue and from the beginning has adopted a strong pro-rescue, pro-adoption, anti-breeding, anti-showing and anti-animals-sold-in-pet-stores position. Bottom line, the philosophy is PRO-ANIMAL WELFARE. I've been called just about every name in the book (multiple times) by the breeding community, some repeatable, some not. I guess my favorite is a bleeding heart, animal rights, cavy hugger. And that was intended as an insult. So, having a place to discuss the natural extension of animal welfare to veg*nism makes sense. Very frequently, the breeders resort to the "extinction of guinea pigs" and "then you'd better be a vegetarian" argument when defending their pro-breeding positions. Very lame and uneducated retorts in my opinion, so I like the idea of providing a discussion forum on veg*nism. (Note: veg*n is a short-hand for "vegetarian/vegan.")

    Also, I just love the fact that guinea pigs are vegetarians. It's so much easier to adopt a vegetarian philosophy when you don't have to buy meat for your pets.

    And finally, I like hearing about other people who are or are struggling vegetarians as well. I would normally not seek out a vegetarian forum, but this somehow seems right and is keeping in the overall philosophy of animal welfare. I like reading the posts on a somewhat regular basis as it helps remind me of the issues when I'm tempted.
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    Re: This is a PRO-VEGETARIAN Forum

    Thanks for the awesome new section, CavySpirit!

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    Re: This is a PRO-VEGETARIAN Forum

    Thanks Cavyspirit!!!!!

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    Re: This is a PRO-VEGETARIAN Forum

    Thanks CavySprit!

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    Cavy Slave
    Jul 28, 2004
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    Re: This is a PRO-VEGETARIAN Forum

    this section has given me lots of courage and motivation to start going vegetarian (not vegan yet). thanks a bunch!

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    Re: This is a PRO-VEGETARIAN Forum

    i really like that whole idea and philosophy here is really great and i really agree with the whole thing. thank you to Teresa and CavySpirit

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    Re: This is a PRO-VEGETARIAN Forum

    Thanks for making this pro-veg forum Teresa. I have always wanted to go vegetarian but don't know how. There are alot of non-meat high protein items I just don't like. I am hoping to get some ideas from this forum and make this change. Besides the animal welfare side of it, I just simply think it is a much healthier way of life. Thanks.

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    Re: This is a PRO-VEGETARIAN Forum

    aaaahahahah! cavy hugger as an insult! yeah I sure am a cavy hugger! i hug mine ALL THE TIME! those are really lame insults to someone who accualy is a cavy hugger and tries to stop animal cruelty (almost all of us)

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    Re: This is a PRO-VEGETARIAN Forum

    Thanks cavyspirit I am glad you have this area of the forum.

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    Re: This is a PRO-VEGETARIAN Forum

    Becoming Vegan is something that has been on my mind for years. It will good to have a place to share break throughs. I am almost completly done with meat forever.

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    Thumbs up Re: This is a PRO-VEGETARIAN Forum

    Hey everyone! Just as an additional note to this veg*n forum (yee haw!!), remember that animal ingredients are used EVERYWHERE!! I try to eat foods that did not result in the death of animals. Milk and eggs are borderline acceptable to me (factory farming is terrifying!), and these are my rules that govern my veg*ism. You like Jell-O, jelly beans, gum and marshmallows? Usually made with gelatin (animal based). Cheese? If you love baby calves, search for a soy or rice-based cheese please! Margarines may contain vitamin D12, which is usually derived from animal parts. I've even read that certain wines contain animal blood to give them a richer red color. Bottom line is, read the ingredients of everything that you consume, and research the foods that you eat to make sure they are not animal-based in any way.

    Good luck with your veg*ism!!

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    Cavy Slave
    Dec 13, 2005
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    Re: This is a PRO-VEGETARIAN Forum

    fostermum, you make a very good point about animal-derived ingredients in foods, especially sweets which are easy to skip over thinking they're 'safe'.

    I've been a veggie for 20yrs now (almost my whole life!) and have completely cut out cow's milk and most dairy products and always, always check biscuits and sweet foods for ingredients. I actually find it very easy to eat out and buy the necessary foods here but came to the states for the first time this year and found it quite hard when eating out, with little veggie options on most menus. I'm not sure if this is the general picture there or was just due to where I was (California)?

    In any case, I applaud anyone who gives up meat, leather etc. It's not an easy step to take but the results for your health and mind are immeasureable. Anyone in two minds, I'd urge them to go for it - what have you got to lose
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    Re: This is a PRO-VEGETARIAN Forum

    Thanks to this site I have been veggie for just over 2 weeks and honestly can't see myself returning to meat. The people on this forum have inspired and encouraged me and both The animals and I thank everyone!

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    Re: This is a PRO-VEGETARIAN Forum

    I've always debated becoming a veggie... it's always been such a big part of my life to eat meat because that's how I grew up (not very healthy, either - fatty foods and stuff - don't know how I stayed thin all those years). I don't eat meat as much anymore, and know that what happens is quite cruel, sickening even...

    I just have a few questions though, and maybe you can direct me to some sites, or answer them however you see fit.

    1. Are most people veg*n only in the case of mass-raised animals, or do they boycott meat altogether? For instance, a lot of the meat we got when I was young was from a friend who raised their own pigs and chickens (plus eggs too) - only a handful of them, and they lived very well (like guineas! heh). They were killed quickly and humanely, and we used all the meat. Do most veg*ns feel that even this is wrong, even though humans have generally been described as omnivores due to our teeth structure?

    2. What about insects? I'd hate to think that veg*ns swat flies and stomp spiders, since they usually don't die right away... <edit> Sorry, that looked mean that I laughed, I just realized my question looked kind of weird hehe </edit>

    I'm not trying to start anything, just curious!

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    Re: This is a PRO-VEGETARIAN Forum

    I can't answer for the veg community at large, but I can tell you what my own opinions are. For me, making more humane choices in my life has been a progression.

    I started out reducing meat in my diet for health reasons -- a long-time IBS sufferer. That was 7 years ago. As I noticed how much better I felt physically, I also began learning more about the way "food animals" are treated. I came to see that hurting animals just for the sake of filling our stomachs was so wrong, and I didn't want to eat the flesh of another being that had suffered so much so needlessly. I read "Diet for a New America," and it opened my eyes to the horrors of factory farming. I joined PETA...started to volunteer for the Humane Society, and hubby and I adopted our first guinea pigs.

    Currently, I am lacto-vegetarian and working very hard to get dairy out of my diet. The suffering of dairy cows is as bad or worse than animals raised for food, and I don't want to contribute to that kind of senseless cruelty either. At the same time, my feelings about eating animals in general has's not just about the ethics of factory farming any more, but rather the whole spiritual issue of consuming another living, feeling being who has as much right to live and be happy as I do. So, no; even if they are raised on a farm where they can romp and play and graze, and the matter of "cruelty" is completely removed from the equation, I still choose not to eat animals.

    As for bugs...I'll just say that I don't like killing insects, and try not to make a habit of it. I'm terrified of spiders, though, and have a very hard time when I find one in the house. But I do try to relocate other critters. I have moved wasps, crickets, ants, and other bugs back outside, and even hubby has gotten into the habit of trying to rescue the occasional bug. Mice I'll confess have met a not-so-happy ending with me in the past, but I'm making an effort now to keep "humane" traps in the house, despite being even more afraid of them than spiders -- which makes little sense, considering that we also have a pet hamster. Maybe it's the tail.

    As I said, living humanely is a progression.

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    Re: This is a PRO-VEGETARIAN Forum

    Forgot my third question... what about the whole "animals are killed during harvesting" thing? Is it a fairly moot point since they aren't exactly killed on purpose?

    Oh, and a fourth one - do many veg*ns only eat organic veggies?

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    Cavy Star BabyGrl's Avatar
    Nov 05, 2005
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    Re: This is a PRO-VEGETARIAN Forum

    Harvesting machines are very loud. The number of animals that could be killed by them is pretty minimal.

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    Cavy Slave Fluffball's Avatar
    Nov 01, 2005
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    Re: This is a PRO-VEGETARIAN Forum

    Regarding the harvesting issue please read:

    The number of animal deaths resulting from the human consumption of this grain is minimal. The majority of this grain is harvested for livestock.

    ''If we did not raise so many animals for human consumption, then we would need far less crops, which would, in turn, decrease the number of small animals killed as a result of crop farming.''

    [FONT=Arial][FONT=Verdana]Organic vegetables: Personally I do not eat organic, although I know many vegans/vegetarians who do. It is personal choice and preference.[/FONT] [/FONT]

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    Mar 13, 2005
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    Re: This is a PRO-VEGETARIAN Forum

    Thank You SandyF! I too suffer from IBS and even my doctor was skeptical that a meat free diet would help. I sure showed him!

    I try to limit my dairy and eggs as they are triggers for me too, but I find it much harder then meat.

    But for now, as long as I don't eat meat and try not to stress out I feel almost normal.

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    Re: This is a PRO-VEGETARIAN Forum

    MetallichA and SandyF - I hate spiders too! It pains me to even think the word - but I could not - and have not ever (intentionally) killed one. I use a pint glass, and a postcard to 'release them back into nature'! I have several dotted about the house - just in case!!! So Metal - if your question was a bit weird - what does that make my reply?!!!
    I say 'intentionally' because one dreadfully fateful day several years ago I was drying dishes in the kitchen - barefoot...oooooh even the thought makes me squirm!...You guessed it - crunch - I stood on a hugantic spider!!! I remember the horrified, manic spider-removing foot-dance I spent the following ten minutes performing, like it was yesterday!!!
    So, no - I don't intentionally kill spiders/flies/any of our little insect friends.



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