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Thread: The Fleece Project: The Study

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    Re: The Fleece Project: The Study

    I had read of someone else using batting under the fleece for absorbency. Actually what they had done was sew up a small blanket basically with fleece on top and bottom and batting in center. I just thought that would be easier to put in cage and clean since it was all one piece.

    What I am doing right now is putting folded up washcloths under the fleece. The ratties throw the fleece and washcloths everywhere. The piggy isn't quite as bad, but he will still pull up washcloths here and there. Also it seems like a lot of poop goes to the side of the cage and ends up under the fleece where it is harder to notice for spot cleans.

    The mattress pads or rewashable puppy pads sound like a great idea, and possibly cheaper then towels. It would just be a matter of finding the right kind. I do plan to put some bricks or stones in the cage which could help hold the fleece down, but I don't want to clutter up the edges too much. Tucking it under the washcloths seems to not be working at the moment, but maybe the pads would help hold it under better.

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    Re: The Fleece Project: The Study

    Oh, I see.

    But from reading I would think that you would just want the pee to go right through the fleece onto the towels.
    If you get the foam that I am talking about, it is to almost give a floor feel. THEN if you get a big enough fleece blanket, you should be able to tuck it under and the foam is stiff enough to hold everything together and the piggies will not be able to get under it. The only thing with the foam is to make sure you use a water protector on it. BUT it is key to wrap the blanket around it to be sure the piggies do not get under it. The fact that the foam is thick..about 2" sometime bigger will ensure that they cannot lift it up.
    Then I will put the wee wee pads and then the towels and fleece over. The wee wee pads should really not get wet. The towels should do most of the work.
    Hope that makes sense. I can't wait to go fleece shopping )

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    Re: The Fleece Project: The Study

    This has answered all my questions about fleece!! I would thank you, but i'm not a cavy slave yet! Also, I don't think my parents will get me puppy pads for the underlayer, and we don't have any old towels I can use, and I don't want to use newspaper, is their anything else I could use??

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    Re: The Fleece Project: The Study

    Hello - i would like to thank you so much for the info on fleece... i had never even heard of it until today but i'm planning on trying it. i'm a neat freak and i hate how the shavings look filthy after being in the cage for just a few hours... also i hate to get them on my floor. not to mention the fact that we are spending about 100-150$ a month on shavings... it is really adding up! i would love to think that if this fleece business works we could be saving a ton of money. also i am really hoping that the fleece will help to alleviate my allergies some... the bedding seems to leave a film over everything and sometimes, especially after i just clean the cage i can't stop sneezing and can just about breath from all that fine dust. i am so excited to have found this website and this unbelievably helpful article. all of my questions have been answered. thank you so much!!!

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    Thumbs up Re: The Fleece Project: The Study

    Right - that's it. I'm convinced. 100%

    Our girls like their luxury, I'm off now for late night shopping to see what I can find - fleece and matress pads.

    Thank you so much for this, it's been extremely helpful!!!

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    Re: The Fleece Project: The Study

    Hi everyone!

    I just started using fleece in my cage this past Sunday. Originally, I was using a layer of fleece (wash/dried 3x, no fabric softener or dryer sheets), a layer of towels, and newspaper.

    I have two boars, and they are in a 2x4 cage with a 1x2 upper loft.

    When I had the towels/newsp. all we could smell was the boars marking their territory (I find the smell to be like old poop, kind of musky). I searched these boards and found that some people recommend mattress pads. I immediately went out and bought a set from Sears (not waterproof), and on Wednesday when I changed the fleece, I put two layers of mattress pads underneath the fleece.

    However, now all I can smell is urine! We can sort of smell the boars, but not as much. I find I am smelling their urine a lot more. I checked the fleece, and it is dry. I felt the mattress pads, and they feel like they are absorbing properly, as they are not soaked, or really damp. I don't understand what I am doing wrong, and am really feeling frustrated b/c we never had a smell problem with the aspen (except when it was cleaning day), and the guinea pigs LOVE the fleece, and I like how easy it is to clean up their poop. I also like that my floor isn't covered with aspen shavings that they kick up when they round around their cage together.

    We put a "flow-thru" baking soda carton near the cage to try and catch the smell, but it hasn't, and we don't want to use air fresheners since not only do they irritate my sinuses, but I am sure the GPs wouldn't like them either.

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated from this tired GP mom!

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    Re: The Fleece Project: The Study

    Which do yall think would be better

    (Fleece, Cotton Batting, Mattress Pad, Fleece) Sewn Together?
    (Fleece, Mattress Pad, Fleece) Sewn Together?
    (Fleece, Cotton Batting, Fleece) Sewn Together?

    What would be the best to reduce odor?

    Everything on here has been so helpful! I'm convinced on using fleece bedding when I get my two new piggies.

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    Re: The Fleece Project: The Study

    Yes, we believe the fleece is a great choice. My only problem is poop getting smeared on my pigs feet. Everytime we take her out we have to use baby wipes to clean her before handling. we use dust pan everyday and we only have one pig in a 2x5 C&C CAGE. We would love to get another pig for her but I am afraid of more poop! Does this come up often or am i doing something wrong? I am a new owner. thanks hailey123

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    Re: The Fleece Project: The Study

    Thanks so much! My fleece is in the wash right now for the first round! That was very informative and well put together.

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    Re: The Fleece Project: The Study

    I am in the process of adopting my first 2 piggies, and am so excited to have found this forum! What a helpful thread! I am definitely going to go the fleece route, as it seems to be MUCH more comfortable for the little piggies. I am hoping to also litter box train as well. I think I will go the fleece, 2 towels, then puppy pad route. I am REALLY hoping to avoid smell. Thanks so much for the very detailed instructions! I am SO EXCITED!!

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    Re: The Fleece Project: The Study

    Hi, this fleece thing would be great for me, but I'm just not sure. Right now I have 3 guinea pigs and their cage is a baby pool! I am going through bedding like crazy! The baby pool is in my room and I just can't have a cage that stinks. Does fleece smell? And what do I put under it, some say newspaper and some say towels? And the whole liter training thing is a no go, my 3 girls go ALL over the pool, no rhyme or reason! LOL Does that matter? Someone please help me....

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    Re: The Fleece Project: The Study

    I'd like to try fleece bedding but I'm having a lot of trouble with starting out. I bought a fleece blanket a few days ago, washed/dried it a couple times as recommended, no fabric softener or anything, set it up in the cage with a couple big towels underneath but the pee didn't wick through like it was supposed to, just stayed on top. So I took everything apart and washed and dried it a couple more times, tested with some water, and it still didn't wick away - just stayed beaded on top. So I figured I bought the wrong type of fleece. I went to a fabric store today and bought a couple yards of polar fleece, 100% polyester, everything as recommended on the forum.. Took it home and have washed/dried it 3 times now and the test water still just beads on top and doesn't move!

    Can anyone help me out here as to what I'm doing wrong?

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    Re: The Fleece Project: The Study

    How long does it sit for, rynamyn? It can take 5-10 minutes to wick through; it's rarely instant. Also, have you an asorbant underbedding - i.e. towels/ mattress pads - that will help pull liquids through the fleece?

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    Re: The Fleece Project: The Study

    What an awesome post and Tuppy is just beautiful!
    I have one abby or peruvian cross 5 wk old boy, "Diego" who is brindle. And I'm picking up my 2nd 4mo old red/white american boy "Buck" later this week.

    They have a 2x4 cage, which I subsituted the wire shelving from lowes and a rubber runner. I found a source for coroplast, so picking that up this week to replace the rubber runner (though it works great too). I only used carefresh once, and little blue bits of bedding has been tracked all over in my house. I read about the fleece/towel combo and it works great. It seems like I have to change it out every other day to keep the amonia odor down, though.

    I have been just laying in a towel and tucking the fleece blanket around it, but Diego has been burrowing between the 2 layers. So, I cut the fleece to fit the towel and sewed them together last night. I was able to make 3 changes each with matching 'snugglies.' which are little fleece pillows that I fold over in their hidey holes and Diego happily burrows between the fold. The hidey holes are from the dollar store- those small stackable organizer shelves with 3 high sides and one lower lip, if that makes sense. Makes a great pig barn! And since pigloos are around 11.99 each, saved a good deal of money too.

    Anyway, I love the fleece/towel bedding. It's very green- as I wash a load of towels every other day anyway, why not one more? Plus NO bedding mess. What a chore that was to clean. I remember all those years as a teen with pine bedding for my pigs (had 4 boars) and what a mess it was to clean.

    So thank you again for your awesome post!

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    Re: The Fleece Project: The Study

    This was a very helpful post, and I am off to buy fleece tommorow for my boys

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    Re: The Fleece Project: The Study

    Will microfiber fleece work? I have a panel of it and don't plan on putting it on wall or using it for anything else so hoping it will work for the boys.

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    Re: The Fleece Project: The Study

    Just got our first pig a few days ago and are on our way this afternoon to get a brother for him - I have been cramming on cavies for like a week now - This was supposed to be something for my 6yo dausghter - but I am just hooked!!! As a horse person, I simply went to get shaving bails - wellll NOt in my house tyvm. Barn, sure, little girls room - noo. What a mess! I LOVE the idea of fleece and am picking some up tonight when we go to get Spikie's brother. That post was SOoo informative. Thanks!!

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    Re: The Fleece Project: The Study

    For anyone in the UK I have recently bought some fleece from Argos for 12.99 for two 200cm x 108cm sheets.

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    Re: The Fleece Project: The Study

    I'm a newbie but if i could thank you for that post i would! it was really informative!

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    Thumbs up Re: The Fleece Project: The Study

    I have not tried this yet but cannot wait to! It sounds like such a great way to keep the cage cleaner and neater. I recently switched from expensive carefresh bedding to shredded newspaper. It worked but was way messier and needed cleaning more often than I have the time for. Thanks for submitting such a great idea and giving such great detail!



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