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Thread: Fleece Types and Debates

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    Fleece Types and Debates

    Asked and so shall. Not alot of time tonight but I'll get the ball rolling here, I've many more pictures to add as well.

    [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]Top to bottom - AntiPill, HeavyPolar, MediumPolar, HeavyPolar

    [/FONT][FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]Thirld layer of fleece as shown in first picture

    [/FONT][FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]Anti-pill as shown in first picture

    Waffle fleece

    [/FONT] [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]All fleeces above are good for cage use, with exceptions, what is the actual purpose and area it's used in.
    Polar fleece in general is just ok, you still have allot of hassle regarding the hay and hair on the fleece. If used in a non-hay area it can be a great help for those trying to keep the hair down in the homestead as it does trap the hair better then others. Hay is a pain in the rear on it if you ask me unless you use a brush before laundering.

    Anti-pill is the "all occasion" so to speak. Easy on the release of hair and hay, vacuum or brushing out, softer on feet, doesn't pill up so less chance of nails being caught up in the pilling as well. Over all and general use, best used if you don't know what you are doing.

    Waffle fleece falls under the anti-pill fleece, if you can afford it.

    Heavy polar fleece, not a great idea for full cage use. Matter of fact I highly limit it's use in my sewing to smaller area/items. Hardest to remove hay from, impossible to remove all hair from.

    These are the most popular ones. But there's also warning when choosing the material, is it "winterized" in any way. What is the "weight" (thickness) for the goal. And last but not least, beware what everyone tells you on the "types" of fleece and purchasing it, if you are after what someone else has you also need to know the "brand". Two brands will identify the same fleece as different types, yet they are the same, and vice versa. Don't say I didn't warn you!

    More and better fleeces to come.
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    Re: Fleece Types and Debates

    Mab0615 - I'm getting there! I'm slow sometimes at posting I know, my appologies.

    Ok so what was next in line, oh Robe and Sweatshirt fleeces. I won't get to much into them, basicly it's rare to find a decent robe (poly only) fleece that is not to dense in it's fibers for piggie use. It's a great hair catcher, so making a petting glove to brush any short haired animal is great for. And a light weight sweatshirt fleece is same pretty much.

    Dotted Micro Plush

    Micro Plush

    [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]Tan and blue - Micro Plush Black - Micro Shag

    Plush Fleece

    [/FONT][FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]Tan - Micro plush White - Sherpa

    There's a great deal of micro fleeces out there, the yellow, tan and blue have been good for us in any area that is NOT heavily peed in, small places like a UNcovered bed, other uses have been side linings. Hay and hair release easy, pee doesn't go through well at all.
    The black micro shag is a hazarrd in my opinion. Fabric loops catch feet causing injury. Would probably be a high temptation for chewing as well, I refuse to use this for any animal, it goes to my bathroom as a mat!

    Plush fleece - small items it's proved good as well as for using with foam. The inital material is loose and a chewing temptation much like the shag, but not as long and does not loop. The fibers will mat down and pill like. Good for use anywhere hay is not, hair washes out ok only if on high agitation and machine dried. Another good material for making a "petting mit".

    Sherpa - initial use and break in time of fabric is a pain in the arse for hay, give it 5 use & washings before you judge it. Don't shake to vigorously unless you'd like a shower either! Stiff bristle brush comes very highly recommended for this fabrics use. Vacuum for in between tidy ups works better as well or you'll have poppcorning 'beans' instead of pigs. Pee passes as well as anti-pills or slight better, so point there, but the effect is only as good as what is absorbing under it I've found. Unless you have some type of highly absorbent material under it, you'll find yourself wanting to wash it more frequently. Large hay comes off easy while small pieces need more brush work as well as hair.

    Sherling also falls under Sherpa with a bit more benifits, the fibers are less dense, more silky, pee passes quicker and easier. Hay & hair releases with brush or vacuum, plus in winter time.

    Berbers - ugg, sometimes it's easier to ask whick kind you have!
    Beware when buying Berber, unless you KNOW what you are buying via internet when buying this fabric, I suggest getting samples or finding in local stores only. Can get costly very quickly in your search. I'll try and get a few pictures some various Berbers sometime this week.

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    Re: Fleece Types and Debates

    Last picture I had posted from my link (1st post) as of this point is a Holiday felt fleece. Depending on the brand/type, it can be good for just for the occasional thing. If there is a glittering like glow to the fabric, it's best for the occasional. If it's a flat color, then you're good to go with most any thing, except a full cage area. You'll wear through that within a year I'd bet. Possible the smaller 2x3 cages and 2 pigs could make it 2 years, it can all depend on factors. When making things with this, enlarge and gather actual size needed, you want the fabric to be loose, not tight, it'll prolong the life of the item. The rest of it falls under polar fleece.

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    Re: Fleece Types and Debates

    I've decided to moderate this thread. I don't want any more replies until Winde has a chance to get it finished then we will open a discussion thread about this thread. I would like this to be a reference and informational thread. So a couple replies are going to be unapproved for the time being, it's nothing personal.

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    Re: Fleece Types and Debates

    Oh, you're all probably waiting on me to get this wrapped up. Terribly sorry!

    Ok, last three and these have been my most recent finds at affordable prices at time bought. Highly advise to wait for sales on these unless you can afford it.

    [FONT=Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif]Dark Grey - Micro Backed Berber Pink - Berber Pile


    These last three are on my top 5 list
    Micro backed Berber - material is rather very thin, much like costume fleece except with the mesh woven back. Works well on everything, biggest downfall is 90% of this material is available only in dark grey. Which of course is bad for watching heath, pee, blood, etc.. (if found in a color, do tell where!)

    Berber Pile - this ia another double sided fabric, the backside is VERY dense and therefor holds wetness on it's lower level, so to speak, even with the top staying dry. Good or bad, you have to decide. A blanket made with this can hold more pee, but if you have a really heavily peed in area, you might want something to help absorb around there more that you can change daily. Pee in materials such as this, if not used properly can act like a sponge on top. Great as a hour or two floor time carpet protector all by it's self.

    Pile - you get what you pay for here, keeping in mind to not get the winterized material. This can range up to 26 dollars a yard non-winterized! Highly effective material that the cheaper ones can not match. Hay releases with gental shakes, hair as well, even grease washes well out of it's fibers. Quickest material for pee and water to pass through, pee is not held in it's woven fibers but in trace amounts. Hair in washer/dryer problems are very limited or stop completely when using this.
    Biggest downfall, there are hundreds of piles out there, finding the right one can be a bit of a chore, and then some.

    There are hundreds of fleece types, and these are the most I've experimented with enough to give my views of them. Of course, what you may find listed under the same name as what I have said, just bear in mind that it is a 50/50 chance that you get the same kind.

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    Re: Fleece Types and Debates

    Is Plush Fleece the same as Cuddle Fleece? I'm really confused because I live in the States and I just realized that this forum was a worldwide thing...

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    Re: Fleece Types and Debates

    I got my fleece at a local fabric store and it is called blizzard no-sew fleece.(it works perfectly)

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    Re: Fleece Types and Debates

    As long as fleece is made out of 100% polyester, can that be used in the cage? Because I bought a fleece that looked like it was regular blizzard fleece except for a little thicker. The only difference is that they embroidered a green frog through hand-stitching onto the fleece so it's called "embellished fleece." I bought it at Joanns. Does anyone know if that's okay to use? Thanks.

    This is the link to the fleece that I bought. I don't know if the link can be posted. If it can't, I'm terribly sorry. Thanks again!

    Embellishe Fleece-Frog On Pink Hearts: embellished fleece: fleece fabric: fabric: Shop |

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    Re: Fleece Types and Debates

    Some of my fleeces do have that,but my guinea pigs dont mind it. I do watch my guinea pigs if they are chewing on the tread, other than that I think it is perfectly fine, you just have to watch if they are chewing on it .

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    Re: Fleece Types and Debates

    Where is a good place to find terry fleece?
    Also, I want to do a test run on whether my piggies would like the fleece or not. Does anyone know where/if I can get small scraps of it? (20 sq. inches or so)

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    Re: Fleece Types and Debates

    I just bought arctic fleece. Is that any good? Its anti-pill....



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