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Thread: Why can't breeders breed and rescue?

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    Re: Why can't breeders breed and rescue?

    Quote Originally Posted by Biscuit View Post
    See, I get all that acceptance, winning, ego, leadership, points, satisfaction, and more from killing little kids in online computer games. Hurting a guinea pig just isn't necessary!
    I for one salute you!

    (I prefer to breed endangered animals in Zoo Tycoon 2. Different strokes for different folks. The important thing is that ones and zeroes don't feel pain.)

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    Re: Why can't breeders breed and rescue?

    LOL. You gamers. I have read about you and games (mainly animal crossing and zoo tycoon) on guinealynx. Mind you, who am I to talk? I do have a few games myself.

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    Re: Why can't breeders breed and rescue?

    So, if there was an easy, relatively cheap way to screan for certain issues, would any big cavy breeder go for it? If they didn't have to really change what they were doing, just get more information to guide them in the future, would that be more subtle than trint to infiltrate and stomp them? I would expect any organization to spit on criticism, I'm sure they've heard it for years, but (thinking of the health aspect) if given a tool that may take hold over a long period of time, would that be more realistic?
    Granted, I walked blindly into the guinea pig world, but even big time dog breeders that care about money, looks, and popularity (and that's all the big ones, it seems) do minimal health screens. Over time, it just became a thing you do. AKC is incredibly political, but they will recommend certain health screens for certain breeds.

    Just an idea. If it were a good on, the first step would be a breed survey just to check out what owners and breeders claim the top problems with their breeds are. That way you know what to focus on.


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    Re: Why can't breeders breed and rescue?

    Hi all, I have been quiet for some time now because of health issues. Am not strong yet so am looking for help from people here. A web site arrived in my email stating: " It is for all animals to help them find homes . "

    They are encouraging and welcoming breeders to post unwanted animals. Grrrrr! Anyone who can post there & let them know why This is WRONG and how it increases the number of throw-away animals would have my special thanks. As it is against the rules to post the website in question, I would be willing to pass it along to anyone who is a member in good standing and who wants to help. Just private message me.

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    Smile Re: Why can't breeders breed and rescue?

    Glad to see we are very passionate about our pigs.
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    Re: Why can't breeders breed and rescue?

    Quote Originally Posted by seagirl96 View Post
    I walked up to three young people looking for a chinchilla in Petsmart. I was buying dog food so please don't yell.) I told them that they could find chinchilla rescues on line. They were thrilled because they didn't know! We can & do make a difference.
    I've done this many of times in tons of different stores when I'm out buying pet supplies because I've had so many experiences with owning lots of different pets. I was in walmart one day getting some guinea treats and these two asian girls who could barely speak english were trying to get information out of some random walmart employee (even their "pet" employees known next to nothing about the animals) what they needed to get a beta. I happened to walk through the conversation and I stopped and told the two girls about it and everything they needed and answered their questions. I like to think that I'm helping spread education and knowledge rather than acting like I know everything.



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