Hey, thought I'd throw it out here, for those of us who are Russian or just interested in Russia and our approach to the pigglets. I am from Sevastopol myself, currently studying in US and raising a pigglet who's awaiting an addition at the end of this month. I never owned a pigglet in Russia, but it seems to me that the approach to having one there is different. Any comments on that? I guess, I'm just trying to reassure myself that I'm not going crazy spending so much time and money on my little munchkin (whom I love to death) - I guess it makes me think of the times in the early 90s when there was no time to think about a pigglet 'cause you had to worry about food on your table... Sorry, I'm just in a nostalgic (is that even a word?) mood today. Anyways, thought somebody might answer. Good luck to you all with your piggies and in general.
P.S. Remember not to write in Russian - that's against the rules. If you need a translation please let me know somehow.