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Thread: Avatars - Must be guinea pig related!

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    Dec 05, 2004
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    Lightbulb Avatars - Must be guinea pig related!

    All avatars must be guinea pig related. No other avatars will be accepted and will be removed.

    Avatars must not depict a petstore bought cage or a cage of inappropriate size. The only place you may post a picture of a petstore cage is in a post to allow discussion.

    Only Cavy Stars, Cavy Champions and Administrators/Moderators are allowed to have moving/animated avatars.

    All other member categories are limited to one non-moving avatar.

    Profile Pictures:
    You may use a non-guinea pig related, non-animated picture for your profile picture provided it's in good taste. Profile pictures are only displayed when someone looks at a member list or your specific public profile.
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