Hi everyone, I'm new here!
My name is Izzy, and I have 39 piggies at the moment - 17 of them are babies all between 2 and 4 weeks old, about 10 of whom will be going to new homes when they're old enough. All but four of these babies are a result of vandalism - someone went into the shed at night and let 7 of the boys out with 12 girls Luckily, all the sows and babies have been absolutely fine!
Please visit my website (I think there's a link in my profile, and probably on this post? I'm not sure, first time I've posted here!) to see pics of the piggies - not all the babies are on there yet though. It'd be great if you'd join the forum too - I hope I'm allowed to post this here, please let me know if I'm not and I'll edit the post!
Talk to you soon