Hi everyone, Ihad spoke to some of you in Calgary Alberta or near by regarding guinea pigs in the past, well I'd decided to not get any but anyway there are four guinea pigs needing home in Calgary alberta, please go to: www.usedcalgary.com and go to pets to scan the ads, one of the ads is also in free things I belive, just thought someone might want them, these ads have been there for quite awhile I'm begining to think they may deffinitly need someone to take them soon or they may go to the pound, Belive me I've not talked to either and am not saying that is what they are going to do, but I myself know how frustrating it is to need to rehome something and not be able to, they are ages 1-2 years of age there are a mother and daughter pair and a male/male pair, if your looking for free piggers why not adopt these?