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Thread: 2 pig deaths in 2 months

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    Nov 30, 2013
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    2 pig deaths in 2 months

    The cycle of always having to get new pigs continues.

    We had a lovely pair for 4 years. Lost one in the spring of 2021. Went through some drama trying to find a companion for our surviving pig.
    Companion #1-- from a shelter. Was way too aggressive, intimidated our piggie to the point of not eating or drinking, we had to return her to the shelter.
    Companion #2-- from a private home. I've posted about her before ("odd new piggie" thread.) She was not in good health but we took a chance on her. She was a delightful cage mate and we all really liked her but she passed after less than 2 months with us.

    We were going to keep original piggie on her own after that, but she seemed bored and needy. So we moved on to...

    Companion #3 -- from a shelter. She is adorable. Two years old. Bonding went well and they had a couple of happy weeks together. Sadly, our original piggie fell ill rather abruptly and died this weekend at age 4.5.

    So now we have Companion #3 all by herself! She is full of life and energy. She was a solo pig at the shelter, but was in a room full of other pigs. Now she is all alone. She's probably wondering what the heck is going on. We have to get her a cage mate, right?

    I'm kind of heartbroken, too many pig losses in a short time. Matching and bonding is stressful!

    If we had known our original piggie was so close to the end of her life we would not have gotten Companion #3 . We were going to take a break from pigs. But now that she is here we do like her and can't imagine giving her up.

    Long way of asking-- keep her as a solo? Or start over with yet another pig?

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    Re: 2 pig deaths in 2 months

    I would definitely get a new friend. I've had 2 pigs die within a year and I got the survivors new friends. I don't necessarily like the endless 'get a new pig' scenario, but between having my cat/dog or small critters like guinea pigs, I'd rather care for endless guinea pigs the rest of my life! Trying to find someone close to your current pig's age may help in the hopes that they will die close together, but it isn't a guarantee. Unfortunately, finding pigs that will not have some sort of medical problem at some point in life doesn't seem to be easy.

    It can be difficult, but a new friend is the best thing we can do for lone pigs - especially if they're bereaved.

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